Monday, March 20, 2017


185/ 175 /135

I know I missed posting information the past week or two. Don't recall the previous week but last Monday I was in Springfield getting my permanent dentures. They fell a lot lighter than the temps did but I'm still learning. However, I can FINALLY actually bite into foods like a Filet of Fish or a slice of pizza... no more eating pizza with a fork. You do not realize how much you miss actually biting into a sandwich or something like pizza until you can't. 

Bob is back to work and I can resume my schedule. I miss him like crazy when he's gone but I definitely have enough to keep me occupied in the interim.

Yes, 175! I am so excited. Of course, it was the antibiotics I took for 2 days that probably helped get me past that 176. I just could not take them. The side effects just were not worth it. As before when I had the teeth pulled, I couldn't do anything but curl up in the recliner or the bed. I can't get anything done like that... and certainly not for a week!

So no antibiotics. Nyquil it is.  

I grocery shopped for me yesterday. Lots of fresh fruits and vegies. I have found I can chew Spring Mix salad easier than I can head lettuce or Romaine. So I bought spring mix and tomatoes. And that is something else I noticed...

Walmart now labels their produce as to whether or not the item comes from Mexico. While I am not prejudice, I do believe in supporting US growers and local farmers. I just hadn't noticed that before.

Speaking of growing... I picked up what I think will be the last of my straw bales today. If I've counted correctly, I have 20 full bales of fresh straw to grow in. The composted bales from last year will go into the tires for potatoes, watermelon and cantaloupe. I'll use some to lay as ground bedding for the new flower beds I'm putting in.  Lots of exercise in my future now that spring is just around the corner.

Enjoying the Journey!

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