Tuesday, April 24, 2018

FLYLADY - Office

I'm not focusing much on the actual cleaning of the Office this week. Bob is home so not a lot of time spent in here. Also, the retired list for Stampin' Up! was released on the 9th so when I do get time in here not 'work' related, I've been trying to integrate retired items into the general populace of stamps/ supplies and making room for the items I'm pre-ordering in preparation for the new catalog launch in June.

I also have an 11-day trip planned just prior to the release so I need things in order so I'll be ready to jump in with both feet as soon as the catalog launches. That means A LOT of prep work before my trip. 

Keep the work surface cleared after each project

If I can accomplish that, then I can Enjoy the Journey!

What's your Zone this week? Any area you particularly would like to have in order before the outdoor activities call you away?

Enjoy the Journey

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


When I saw THIS recipe for Pesto/ Parmesan Pork Chops I knew I had to give the recipe a try... with a couple of modifications.

The recipe comes from RealLifeDinner

Before I began, I knew there would be a couple of modifications. Number one, I'm not a fan of Parmesan cheese. As a base for Alfredo Sauce, yes. But not shredded on top of my pasta or just about anything else. The cheese has a sharpness I don't care for, much like Swiss or Sharp Cheddar. Just not a fan.

So I started with the Pesto. I do enjoy Pesto. As she points out in her recipe, there are many varieties. Everything from different labels to homemade. Making homemade just for me doesn't seem worth it, so my next best choice is Classico. Well-balanced in flavor and texture.

First step, cover my roasting pan with aluminum foil for easy clean up. Then I added two organically-raised, non-processed pork chops and spread them liberally with a heft 2-3 Tablespoons of Pesto.

Aside from leaving off the Parmesan, the other change I made was to cover the chops with aluminum foil. I was afraid they would dry out and I wanted to retain the juices. Boy, did they turn out juicy!

Look at the reserved juices in the bottom of the pan. 

I wound up not eating these for supper so recovered them and put them in the refrigerator over night.
The next day, I drizzled them in Ragu Alfredo Sauce:

I baked them uncovered in the toaster oven at 350 for about 20 minutes.

I was going to make fettuccine pasta but didn't have any in the pantry. (on my supply list now) but I did have a Knorr Alfredo pasta side dish. I fixed that up and served with green beans, basted in the juices from the pork chops.

Overall, a very yum,y recipe. I will fix this again when Bob isn't home. But when he is, I liked the Alfredo sauce on the chops and will probably fix them that way sans Pesto for him. 

What's on your table this week?  Whatever and however you choose to eat...

Enjoy the Journey!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

FLY LADY - Master Bed & Bath

I smile every time I read this header. Yes, I love naps. Though now days it's more about either putting my feet up for awhile between the cool sheets so they'll stop aching or snuggling with the two cats that are pretty much banished to the bedroom during the day because they and Tabby can't get along.. and I can't sleep with them at night. Goddess, my nursemaid of a cat, has to sleep right up on m y shoulder. Breathing her dander all night about kills me - but we do okay for an hour or two during the day.

Oh, right, back to cleaning.
The bedroom has become more manageable since Bob built the laundry sorter tower in one corner. He hates when I find ideas on Pinterest but is more agreeable when he sees it is something that is really useful - not just a 'want'.

Okay.. so projects this week are:

sort through the basket of pet sheets and eliminate that basket from under my nightstand
Clean my shoe shelves. They seem to become a catch - all :: sigh ::

Under the sink orgnaized similar to the kitchen

Regarding the under the sink organization in both the Kitchen and the Master Bath - I have the drawer units I need to put in both of these places. Just a matter of making myself get down on the floor to do this particular task. Getting down is one thing, getting back up has become a bit tougher these days.

What's your Zone for this week? Is there a challenge spot you've been avoiding? Tell us what it is. Maybe we can help!

Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, April 16, 2018


175/ 166/ 135

No roller coaster this week. I've managed to keep an even keel. Of course, Bob may be home Wednesday night and I've not hit my goal of 165. We weigh in on Thursday morning so I'll be thrilled to have lost more than him - cash wise. On the other hand, he needs to win a few to get a motivation going. Competing against someone you truly love and want to see succeed is tough.

The step counter on the waistband has been working like a champ... literally. Know that I'm able to wear it from the time I get dressed in the morning until I switch to jammies at night, I'm seeing that while I thought I wasn't moving much, most days I'm getting in 6500 steps or more a day. That's over 2.5 miles - mostly just multi-tasking within the house and a walk to the mailbox and back. Seeing that I'm not as sedentary as I thought is a big motivator to keep going. 

Not sure how my week will go. In a couple of hours I'll attempt to load Bear into the back of the Suzuki. After the diagnosis from the vet to let him be happy as long as he wants to be, I discovered he has an abscessed canine. No wonder he isn't eating or barking and just lays around. If his abscess is anything like we get, then he is miserable to the core. Hopefully, this vet trip will put him on the road to at least being comfortable AND happy.

As I said, Bob is due home on Wednesday night. While I didn't accomplish much in the living room/ dining room last week - but did make strides on the office. My goal is to at least get the white folding table down and the holiday tubs moved to the basement. With that, I'll call that area a success for this month.

This week brings on a new area of the house but with Bob due home, my first three days will be more about finishing tasks I wanted done before he arrives.

What's on your plan for the week? Whatever your choices, remember to...

Enjoy the Journey!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

RECIPE WEDNESDAY - Super Crock Pot Soup!

A few weeks ago I picked up a can of Beef in Gravy at Dollar General. I've been buying various types of their canned meats for storage. They are cooked, good for 1-2 meals depending on how you prepare them and have a long shelf life. While I'm not a SHTF Prepper, when I watch the news, I have to wonder and figure ANY preparation is better than none at all.

I did this meal in my 1.5 qt Rival Crock Pot. I purchased mine several years ago at Walmart and it's still going strong.

The whole concept behind this meal was to have everything in can storage for quick meals. Dollar General doesn't carry canned potatoes so I picked those up at Walmart. You can find them in any standard grocery store. I'm also going to check $ Tree next time I go and price compare.

So here are the ingredients:

That's it. I drained the vegetables and the potatoes but left the diced tomatoes juice.

I dumped everything into the crock pot, gave it a stir and set the temp on HI. Two hours later I had this:

At first, I didn't think there would be enough juice but as you can see, the cooking brought the juices out and the 1.5 qt is brim full. I barely had room to stir.

One very delicious bowl of soup. You might wonder why I added potatoes since there are potatoes in Veg-All. Usually the mixed vegetables are more carrots than anything and since I don't do crackers with my soup, I wanted the extra filler. I like potatoes. LOL

Beef in Gravy - $2.50
Diced tomatoes - .68
Diced potaotes - .68
Mixed vegies - 1.25 (maybe I should buy them at WM next time!)

COST - $5.11

Next time I want to add a beef gravy packet to the mix and see if I get more of a stew. That and a personal size loaf of Guiness Brown Bread should hit the spot.

Share your soup recipe! I don't think we're out of the cold yet. Even if we are, now is the time to begin preparing for fall.

Enjoy the Journey!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

FLYLADY - Living Room

The living room is the one area of the house I see most of my waking hours when Bob is gone. Our living room/ dining room area is one open space  - 15' x 24'. When Bob is gone and my 'office' is set up on the dining room table, I can see it all! The living room isn't bad but the dining room needs serious work. I have two major tasks for this week:

Dust everything!
Put the items for the girls scrapbooks in a tote that I can keep in the office.

The girls' old book case has become a catch-all for garden books and recently-purchased cook books. I want that shelf to be strictly garden books. I have shelves in the garden shed for my books/ magazines but I also have mice that are destroying them.

Dresser we had for Adrian when she lived here. I want to get that cleared out of accumulation so the girls can use it when they're here this summer. That's still kind of up in the air due to travel issues on Sue's end but we're sending good vibes all works out and we can have them again this summer.

This is the week Bob may be home (I'm typing this up on the 2nd). I'd really like to have this area looking sharp and at least less-cluttered when he comes home. We spend a lot of time in these two areas - either watching TV or playing cards. We shall see!

What's your focus area this week?
Whatever I'm able to accomplish, I'm going to Enjoy the Journey and I hope you do to!

Monday, April 9, 2018

WEIGH IN 4-9-18

175/ 166/135

Wheeeee! Down we go to the 166 mark again. I really would like to actually LOSE at least 1 more pound before Bob comes home. That would put me down two pounds since March 4th. I have somewhere between 1-2 weeks to accomplish that goal.

I talked about my step counter issues last week and I've solved the problem:

You can just see the large safety pin slipped into one of the holes on the band. When I get dressed in the morning I pin the Copper Step into place and I'm good to go. No  more taking it off to work at the computer and not counting steps while I'm multi-tasking around. I wore it yesterday and racked up almost 5,000 steps = 2.5 miles clearing off my work table, running the vacuum cleaner and basic errand stuff around the house. 

I'm sure I get a few extra counts during bathroom trips but I'm okay with that. I'd rather have those few extra jiggling the counter when I pull my pants up and down than not be getting any count at all because my wristband is laying on the table. 

At night, when I take it off, I note the steps in the designated spot on my planner.

I'm also going to be serious about getting on the Gazelle this week. Last week began a very sad journey for me.  My Great Pyreneese/ Chow mix is aging fast. Bear is almost 14 and after all the weeks of curling up in his dog house to avoid the rain (he prefers to lay out in his kennel), the damp, the cold, the ick has caught up to his bones. He's moving slow, some days chooses not to eat and bowl movements are infrequent no matter how much wet food/ olive oil/ warm milk & karo I give him. I had the vet make a stop by the house Saturday. He said Bear seems happy over all so just let him be happy as long as he wants to be.  I'm hoping the warmer temperatures will help increase his mood, act as a heating pad for his bones and make his last period of time with me at least somewhat comfortable. Bob is building him a bigger doghouse when he gets home. Nothing extravagant but something larger that he can really stretch out in. He fits in this one okay but it's narrow. Walking in then turning around to see out the door is hard for him these days.

So if my posts become irregular, know that I'm just spending extra time with my boy. 

Enjoy the Journey!