Monday, June 19, 2017

WEIGH IN 6-19-17


As you can see, I'm up a pound this week. Not surprised as the girls and I find a routine. I'm eating things I shouldn't because the things I eat, they won't. I miss the days when my oldest granddaughter would eat pretty much whatever I did. The youngest is beyond picky. A typical 5-year old, you can't reason with her that sausage is sausage, regardless of the shape. ie she'll eat links but she doesn't like patties. :-D

We're learning compromises. 

Now that the girls are acquainted with their new surroundings, this week we start an actual routine... one that I integrate with my existing schedule.

Mondays are  my day to deep clean the bedroom/ laundry room/ bathroom. So I already have the beds stripped and the first round of blankets on the line, sheets will be next. We've all had breakfast and they are dressed. Now they are happily occupying themselves while I get a couple of blog posts up then get 'people can see me' clothes.

Mondays also become our library day. Adrian needs to be reading closer to her 4th grade level by the time school starts. Abby needs brushing up on things though she is super smart. She loves to add simple numbers, can spell some words and can almost count to 20. Did I mention she's only 5.5?

So as we embark on this new weekly routine, I'm going to pop my vitamin B, get dressed and have a 'summer school' conference with my new students

Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, June 12, 2017

WEIGH IN 6-12-17


Things have been a bit crazy here.  The week after I posted last, I came down with a serious virus. All I had was a high fever and chills but the danged stuff hung around for FOUR DAYS! I body ached from trying to stave off the tremors. I spent most of my time either in the bubble tub trying to relax my muscles and cool down or in bed, tucked in like a chrysalis. I drank tons of ice water but didn't even want food. I wanted to cool down and sleep. 

I lost 5 pounds and have kept it off while still eating normally. I guess this is my new plateau - and the lowest I've been in over 15 years!!! I'm hoping as I stay active with the girls this summer, I should hit my 165 by October without a problem. 

The girls are here. I picked them up from the airport last Wednesday. They are here until the end of August. I hope to check in at least on Mondays then try to get back to normal posting routine by first of September... But that isn't ruling out other posts here and there. 

Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, May 15, 2017

WEIGH IN 5-15-17


Just a quick post this morning to shout from the roof tops that I got back down to my 176 in  just one week. I really didn't expect this. I had a couple of days in a row where I craved carbonation and and drank cokes. I did keep my water going in got in tons of steps. A couple of days I clocked over 13,000 steps.

Not sure what this week holds. I'll keep doing what I'm doing. Bob is still home. He's been home long enough to file for unemployment. Heavy rains have swollen the rivers to the point where boats just are not moving. And I see now on the weather channel MO and Chicago are both looking at more rain for the week. 

I have a ton of work to get done this week. Only three weeks left before my granddaughters arrive. Once they're here, my time is 90% about them. Lots of activity so steps while they're here should be easy peasy. LOL

What's on your week? Please share. 
Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, May 8, 2017

WEIGH IN - 5/8/17


Based on I estimated last week's weight because I wasn't home, the three-pound gain could be over a 2-week period. However, I know my appetite has been veracious the past couple of weeks. After seeing the gain in actual numbers I'm trying to remember when hunger kicks in, to eat small - not a full meal.

I'm also back to tracking my water. I'd gotten away from that since getting new cold cups - Yeti knock-offs from Ozark Trail outdoors. 

I have two cups and didn't know the ounces on either of them. This morning, I finally measured the volume. The big one holds 32 oz. I use this one for around the house as I can pick it up near the base without issue. I'd been using the cup in the truck but I have small hands so I was unable to palm the top of the cup and lift it from the cup holder. And the top comes off really easy.

So I went in search of a smaller one for the truck. I can palm the 16 oz tumbler much easier and the lid has one heck of a suction!

I also use a 16 oz bottle similar to the one below for outside work. I can stay hydrated without providing bugs with a drink. 


I've been doing a lot of work in the yard and with the nicer weather, taking full advantage of hanging clothes outside. Last week I racked up 29.130 steps in only THREE days! One day was 13,330 steps. Bob wanted to know why I didn't take the remaining three steps. He's so cute! hehe

I'm trying to be back to work full time, which means making use of my dayplanner. I have so much I want/ need to get done before my granddaughters arrive for the summer. Unfortunately, a lot of it requires sitting at the computer or standing at the crafting table. I'll have to really focus on getting the steps in.

What's on your list for this week? Whatever you are doing,
Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Weigh In

I apologize for lack of scales image this week. I'm typing this up on Sunday night at the hotel. I didn't bring any flashdrives with me as I did not intend to be working. Thought we would be home today. Unfortunately, heavy thunderstorms and 7+" of rain has closed our road. We hope to get home tomorrow.

Since I'm not sure what will be waiting for us when we get home, I wanted to get a quick post up.

Here's what I'm going with:


Since we have been in Springfield since Friday afternoon I'm pretty confident there isn't a weight loss. However, I've eaten mostly protein. Though I did have a Max Roast Beef with lettuce and tomato (no fries) at Arby's yesterday. I'd not been able to eat one since July 2016. Quite a treat!  Today has been all about protein... almost no carbs. Though since we ate 'dinner' around 3 p.m. I'm thinking there is a PB & J in my future before bedtime.

Today we will be home and hopefully not have a big mess to clean up. My poor doggies have probably been swimming in their pens LOL though I don't think we got the amount of rain that West Plains (south of us about 45 miles but in the bordering country) received. They got so much rain, they had to shut off power to the entire town because one of the sub-stations was in danger of flooding. Just scary. 

I would rather have been home for this weather, but if I had to be anywhere else, here at the Comfort Suites on Glenstone is my second home. They treat me like family and you might remember, took good care of me when I had my teeth pulled. So Bob and I've kicked back, relaxed, watched tv, played cards and spent time in the pool and hot tub. Probably our last vacation for a little while. 

Whatever your week brings...
Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Weigh In


Whooo Hoooo!

In spite of four days in the city, which included all-you-can-eat crab legs, I managed to drop two pounds! Except for Thursday night and part of Friday, I was by myself. I think that has a lot to do with it. I tend to grab quick things or just eat something in my room at the hotel. I don't go out for full meals unless Bob is with me.

Thursday night was all about my sissy. She recently got pushed into retirement (okay, she's 65 but that doesn't mean she was ready to retire). So I treated her to the All-You-Can-Eat snow crab legs at Hemmingway's Restaurant in Bass Pro. They only do those on Thursday nights. A bit pricey but this is a treat I give myself ever so often. Nice to sit and let them bring them to me rather than fight for a section or two at Asian King as I usually do.

The weather was down right CRUMMY! Wet, cold, icky rain and wind that sliced right to the bone. I took repeated hot showers at the hotel to chase off the chill and used the heat more than the usual AC in the room.  And I still managed to get a bit of scratchy throat. I feel better today and that's a good thing. This is to be our last sunny day for the week before more rain moves in. I'll rack up the steps hanging laundry on the line and doing house chores. 

Off I go!
Whatever your plans for the week, Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, April 17, 2017

WEIGH-IN 4-17-17


In spite of logging almost 30,000 steps in the past 3 days I managed to gain 2 pounds! Not sure what's up with that. Not eating Easter candy, had a small piece of cheesecake for dessert yesterday after a simple Easter dinner. A single plate of a little of everything, no seconds. Hmmm

But I'm not worried (though Bob did say since I gained weight he should get the $200 I won when he came home LOL)

This week I'm focusing on getting those steps in every day and drinking my water. 

I belong to a crafting thread called Stamp 2 Spend. We 'pay ourselves' for using product (rather than buying new stuff - use what we have), cards we make, scrapbook pages, actually 'mailing' a card, taking part in challenges,  as well as anything else we feel we need a little extra incentive for. Money is a pretty good incentive in my book. After pounding out so many steps working in the garden over the weekend, I've decided I'm going to pay myself $5 each week that I avg. 10,000 steps a day.

Also, I hope to hike more in the next few weeks before my granddaughters arrive. I've received a list of several National Parks that are on the chopping block for closing due to lack of funds. I'm going to check out the list and see if there are any within a nice weekend driving distance and check them out while I still can.

Here is the list:

Proposed park closings include:
  • Talimena
  • Great Plains State Park
  • Cherokee Landing State Park
  • Natural Falls State Park
  • Red Rock Canyon State Park
  • Great Salt Plains State Park
  • Lake Eufaula State Park
  • Lake Wister State Park
  • Alabaster Caverns State Park
  • McGee Creek State Park
  • Foss Lake State Park
  • Osage Hills State Park
  • Greenleaf State Park
  • Lake Texoma State Park
  • Grand Lake State Park
  • Grand Cherokee Golf Course
  • Boiling Springs State Park

Plan For the Week:

Drink Water
Walk More

Whatever's on your Plan  - Enjoy the Journey!