Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stepping it Up!

So are you curious about today's topic? I suggested you go shopping for a pedometer. I know it was short notice, so I'm going to give you the rest of the week to purchase one. But come Monday morning I'd love to see all of you joining me on this challenge. It really is a lot of FUN!

One of the things about exercise is for the most part it's BORING! I mean, who wants to do the same routine over and over again? When we get the living room remodeled (within the next two weeks- Yeah!), I'll have a bit more floor space for putting my many work out tapes/ dvds to use. But one thing I really enjoy is WALKING! And it's the best exercise you can get.

Running and jogging are hard on your heels, knees and hips. Why anyone would promote them as healthy is beyond me. I think it's all in that 'he who runs the fastest wins' thing. I like competition but not at the expense of damaging my body.

Walking is a smooth, easy pace that gets your heart rate up as your walking speed increases without doing damage to the body you're trying so hard to make BETTER!

Almost three years ago, right after we moved down here to the Ozarks, I set the course to get in better shape. I loved the Jorge Cruise thought process of eating the right foods in specific portions. I'll talk more about Cruise later in the blog. As part of the program I joined a Yahoo group of ladies also using the Cruise program. Our big exercise push was to WALK. Not just walk but to strap on the pedometer and strive to walk 10,000 Steps in a day. 10,000 Steps is equivalent to 5 miles and is one of the best things you can do towards having a healthy heart when it comes to exercise.

Last week, the choke cable went out on my riding lawn mower. I discovered this when I went out to mow a BADLY needed lawn. I let it go another week and finally couldn't stand it anymore and decided to get out the push mower. How bad can it be to push mow, right? And it's good exercise. So out of curiosity I clipped on the pedometer and hit the turf.

2.5 hours and 5 miles later, the lawn looked good. Surprisingly I was not as sore the next day as I thought I'd be. Might have had something to do with the 2 analgesics I took before I went to bed. hehe But it got me to thinking. Why haven't I been wearing my pedometer and keeping track of my steps/ miles? It was motivating me when I did it before? Well, it all went back to my daughter/ granddaughter moving in and my routine falling apart.

At first I couldn't remember how many miles the 10,000 steps equaled so I went searching the net and found a terrific sight called. 10,000 steps.org It's a great site put together by a group from Australia who started the 10,000 steps phenomenon.

On this site you create an account (which requires your email and a password - super easy). This gives you access to log your daily step count PLUS you can enter the number of minutes you spent doing every day activities (either moderate or easy) and it will calculate it into steps for you! Next to each day there's a notepad. Clicking on it will give you a pop-up to enter any notes about your day. Maybe keep track of what location you walked that day (if you used a specific walking track) or what you did to gain that many steps (like my mowing the yard). It all helps to give you a visual! I'm a visual person so this really helps me a ton!

I recommend looking at their LIBRARY tab. Some Great information there! Don't try to absorb it all at once though. You don't want to get overwhelmed. You want to be MOTIVATED. So just click on the links that apply to you now and know the other information is always there when you need it.

You can even request a buddy or join a challenge to help motivate you. Right now I have my own personal challenge. As you'll see to the right, I want to walk the miles equivalent to walking the Ozark Hiking Trail. I figure if I do it a couple of times in bits and pieces, I'll be in the condition I need to make the journey for real.

Maybe you'd like to climb Mt. Everest. Or walk across America from coast to coast. What about walk across your state? Find out how many miles your destination requires and divide by 5. That will tell you how many 10,000 step increments you need to walk to meet your goal. Or you can cheat like I did and just go to tickerfactory.com and set up your own goal chart. hehe.

So as I look out the window at a cloudy sky and storms threaten, I'm clipping on the pedometer and heading into town to walk for a bit. I love walking out here in the country but don't do it so much when Bob's gone. Safety first and being out on back roads alone really isn't safe - even in broad daylight. And right now with people's yards starting to show signs of spring, It seems like a good way to spend the morning before the storms arrive.

So come on! Leave a COMMENT and let me know you'll join me on this quest. I CHALLENGE you!

Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings

Good morning!

It's another beautiful day in the Ozarks. Storms are in the forecast for this evening. For now I'll enjoy the sunshine.

I've discovered when I hit Maintenance, I'll have it down to a science. For the third week in a row I've hung in right at 183. Geez - will these scales never move? The answer - NO! At least not until I do the things that will encourage them. And that's going to be my topic for tomorrow. But to give you a hint...

WALK! Go out today and by a Pedometer. I'd love to have you all join me. On what? You'll find out tomorrow :-)

Enjoy the Journey!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recipe Wednesday

Yep... I might actually get us all on track before this summer is over with.

We're looking into satellite internet. I am just too engulfed in business right now to get it all accomplished on Dial-Up. I wouldn't change my living location for anything, but a faster internet connection would certainly be my one luxury request :-)

Last fall I found a website called Hungry Girl . If you've never heard of Hungry Girl, sign up for her newsletter! She shares great, healthy alternatives or 'swaps' to our favorite foods.

I was introduced through a recipe for Chocolate brownies. Now who doesn't crave those on occasion? Well, unless you don't like chocolate and I understand there are a few of you out there. I'll be trying an alternative to the following recipe this week and if it's a success, I'll share it next week.

For this week, the recipe is incredibly simple, healthy and great for those of you who are Vegan. Take 1 standard sized boxed Chocolate Cake mix. I prefer Milk Chocolate as the dark seems to 'promote a slight aftertaste'. Add 1 standard can pureed pumpkin (like for making pumpkin pie)

Mix these together - Just THESE TWO ingredients. Do Not follow the cake mix directions. You won't need eggs or oil. The moisture comes from the pumpkin.

Bake in paper-lined muffin cups and bake at 350 for about 15 min or until done.

I bake mine in a 9" 'PAM' sprayed cake pan. Then I cut it into wedges.

I love mine warm with a dollop of Sugar Free CoolWhip.

Next week, I want to try this with a Spice cake and raisins. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Good Week

It's been a quiet and productive week here. I managed to lose the 2 pounds I gained while Adrian was here. With Bob being gone, I cook better for myself. I think also because when I'm home alone, I don't eat out as often as we seem to do when he's home. It seems like no matter how much we pledge to eat at home more, we still seem to be on the go go go.

I've done some labor around the property. It took me 2 days to get all the laundry caught up and I still have 1 load of sheets to do. But we got rain today so no hanging anything out. I try not to use my dryer for both energy efficiency and I wear and tear on the fabrics. Besides, nothing says a good night's sleep like snuggling down into sun-dried sheets.

I bought 9 fruit trees this week. If I treat them right, eventually I'll have fresh peaches, apples and cherries from my trees. You can't beat fresh fruit right - not drenched in preservatives or pesticides but fresh off the tree and rinsed in clear spring water from the well.

I had hoped to start getting them planted but I can't mow the orchard because the mower refused to start. I'll fiddle with it on Thursday when it's nice and see if it will cooperate with me. Otherwise I'll be getting LOTS of exercise mowing this 1+ acre of property with the push mower.

One thing I've been trying to remember to do is include fresh fruit with at least 2 meals and a vegetable with 2. It's helping to give me that 'full' but not 'bloated' feeling and prevents me from going back for seconds on things I don't need extra helpings of. I also bought 10" paper plates to use while Bob is gone. Remember, we talked about what the eye sees in a earlier post. Besides, paper plates means I'm spending less time washing dishes and more time writing and creating.

Enjoy the journey!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Progess and Delays

We had an AWESOME time with our granddaughter. The second day she was here, she woke with gunky eyes. The next day I had them. Her eyes cleared up and she was fine the rest of the visit. Me? Not so much. I wound up battling a head cold the remaining 2/3rds of her visit. We had a good time anyway. But I sure didn't feel up to doing anything.

So now that she's gone I feel better and am trying to play catch-up on everything. I also gained 2 pounds while she was here until I remembered that soda does NOT help the cold but only makes the sinuses worse. I've lost those 2 pounds since Tuesday. So by Monday I should be back on the downward side of things. I'm still determined for the 2 pounds a week.

I forgot to remind Bob to grease the treadmill so I'm going to focus on the garden work that needs done when weather is nice. I'm planting fruit trees (about 12), berry vines, putting in a huge herb bed and prepping the rest of the garden area for vegies. While my granddaughter was here (She's 3.5) we planted jack o lantern, tomato, green pepper, pumpkin, flower seeds in jiffy peat pots. Most everything is coming up and I need to get them transplanted into holding pots until Bob is home in 3 weeks to till the garden areas.

I also have plenty of wood to cut and haul from the timber and furniture to move around so I won't lack for exercise over the next 3 weeks.

I'm also sticking to healthy eating. I've been drinking sweet tea but I'm down to only about 1/4th the amount of sugar I used to use. And while Bob's gone I can layer in lots of vegies and salads without fixing 2 separate meals. Bob is NOT going to eat vegies though I keep telling him he needs to if he wants to lose the weight and be healthy. He just makes a mooing sound LOL

How's your journey going? Share please!