Friday, April 1, 2011

Progess and Delays

We had an AWESOME time with our granddaughter. The second day she was here, she woke with gunky eyes. The next day I had them. Her eyes cleared up and she was fine the rest of the visit. Me? Not so much. I wound up battling a head cold the remaining 2/3rds of her visit. We had a good time anyway. But I sure didn't feel up to doing anything.

So now that she's gone I feel better and am trying to play catch-up on everything. I also gained 2 pounds while she was here until I remembered that soda does NOT help the cold but only makes the sinuses worse. I've lost those 2 pounds since Tuesday. So by Monday I should be back on the downward side of things. I'm still determined for the 2 pounds a week.

I forgot to remind Bob to grease the treadmill so I'm going to focus on the garden work that needs done when weather is nice. I'm planting fruit trees (about 12), berry vines, putting in a huge herb bed and prepping the rest of the garden area for vegies. While my granddaughter was here (She's 3.5) we planted jack o lantern, tomato, green pepper, pumpkin, flower seeds in jiffy peat pots. Most everything is coming up and I need to get them transplanted into holding pots until Bob is home in 3 weeks to till the garden areas.

I also have plenty of wood to cut and haul from the timber and furniture to move around so I won't lack for exercise over the next 3 weeks.

I'm also sticking to healthy eating. I've been drinking sweet tea but I'm down to only about 1/4th the amount of sugar I used to use. And while Bob's gone I can layer in lots of vegies and salads without fixing 2 separate meals. Bob is NOT going to eat vegies though I keep telling him he needs to if he wants to lose the weight and be healthy. He just makes a mooing sound LOL

How's your journey going? Share please!

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