Monday, July 31, 2017

WEIGH IN 7-31-17

185/ 171 /135

Good morning!

Okay, I'm not upset about the gain. I'm thinking instead that the 169 last week was a result of the mild food poisoning I received while on vacation. And like all of my other levels, I seem to find a number and sit there for a bit or waver back and forth within a 2 pound range. 

I wasn't as active last week other than around the house stuff as I tried to get some semblance of order to this disaster of a house. Slow but steady progress is made. 

This week, I'm introducing the kids to Wii Sports. They've been playing games on the Wii the past couple of weeks getting used to the controller. Though Abby, the youngest, has much more fun creating Mii's. But that's okay. She's learning to manipulate the controller and getting the hand/ eye coordination to a comfortable position for her. 

Cooler temperatures have moved into the Ozarks! I am so ready for fall but I also know we are a long ways off. I really want to get the Butterfly garden in this week while it's cool enough to work outside. Plants can only stay in their pots so long. And as fall approaches, I might have time to get my sweet potato vines and geraniums into pots. I'm thinking of terra cotta and putting them in the studio for the winter. Keeping the cats out will be a challenge or at least only when I can keep an eye on them. I've never wintered over geraniums before so we'll have to see. 

Okay.. my plan for the week. More fruit. I did pretty good last week, just need to keep it up. I've opted for grapefruit sections and fruit cups whenever possible with each meal or snack. 

On the Wii this week. Not sure my knees are up to it but at least if I use the mats, the step won't be too jarring for my knees. I am on the hunt for another Gazelle or Cloudwalker. The treadmill is going on local FB sale sites in a couple of months. While I love walking, the treadmill is too much impact on my knees and takes up way too much room in my small living room. Where was the beast when I had an 11-room Victorian with a huge parlor?

Off I go. Whatever you choose to do this week, Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

WEIGH-IN 7-17-17


I'm typing this on Sunday. I'll try to remember to get in here and fill in that actual weight. I forgot to weigh this morning.  

UPDATE:  I didn't gain any during vacation! Now if I can just lose a pound this week. I really want to see 170 by August 1. From there the 169 by October 10th should be easy peasy.

We spent all of last week in Eureka Springs AR on vacation with the girls. I'm a strong believer in "calories don't count" on vacation, though I did try to behave. 

The first thing we did was take a ride on the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway. They offer an excursion, lunch or dinner trips. The girls love trains so we thought this short trip (about 90 min.) with lunch would be perfect.


Menu Selections:
Chicken Salad with Fresh Fruit
Beef Stroganoff
Ham and Turkey Croissant
Grilled Cheese Croissant with Tomato Soup
Egg Salad with Fresh Fruit
Chicken Strips (kids)

All entre├ęs are served with hot, fresh baked rolls, beverage and special dessert.

Meal and trip are a package. Adults is $25 and Children (under 8) $15.

I chose the Chicken Salad with Fresh Fruit

I also had grapes but they are difficult for me to eat unless I cut them in half. A young girl across the isle from us got the Chicken Strips (which came with seasoned green beans) She doesn't like anything green so I happily gave my grapes to her. 

Everything was very tasty. 
There was a bit of a lull between the meal and dessert, which gave the girls a chance to just watch the scenery.  

Then dessert came. I failed to take a picture before I began eating. 

This is what they called a Eurekan Chew Chew. They are a bar cookie consisting of a shortbread/ pecan crust, caramelized brown sugar for the middle then melted chocolate chips on top. 
Very yummy. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled in chocolate. 

The rest of the week we ate at the hotel restaurant - Myrtie May's Cafe. This place is an institution. One waitress, Molly, has been working there for 42 years! Then there's young David, who began busing tables at the age of 14. He'll turn 16 in a few weeks. Very conscientious young man. They have a fabulous soup and salad bar but with my teeth, some things are just not as enjoyable. I ate light breakfasts then enjoyed a homestyle meal from the menu.

Best Western Inn of the Ozarks and Convention Center is the only hotel I will stay in when I go to Eureka Springs. They've hosted the Ozark Creative Writers Conference for 51 of the 52 years we've been in existence. I've been going there since my first conference in 1999.

Lots of pool time and just snuggling with the girls. We did some sightseeing but because of the heat and having the girls I didn't do near the walking I normally do on my own.  There will be plenty of time for that after the girls are gone... but I'm not going to rush that.

What's ahead for the week? I'm still into Camp Reset and this is Week 3. This week we are focusing on moving more. I want back on the Wii this week. I will probably put down the equipment mats to absorb some of the shock to my feet when I'm walking or bicycling. Those do not require the board. 

How do you like to 'get moving'?

Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, July 10, 2017

WEIGH-IN 7-10-17


I really thought I'd be down another pound..but then we did each Chinese on Saturday. But I'm happy there was no gain. At this point, I can't afford to go up.

For the month of July I'm taking part in a couple of creative challenges. One is called Camp Reset by Cori Spieker, The Reset Girl. Her concept for the month is for us to each carve out time for ourselves for a bit of pampering and self-care. We received a welcome packet in our email when we signed up with an outline of the concept, monthly calendar, itinerary and badges to print out. There are even badges for over-overachievers like myself. :-D

Well, I'm not so much the overachiever this month. I've yet to put my planner together. Only because I have this vision in my head of a really chic traveler's notebook made from recycled denim jeans. I'm hoping to work on that today (Sunday) among the things I want to do with the grandgirls. Originally, I was going to use an A5 (5.5 x 8.5") so I printed the items for my camp journal accordingly. But then this idea popped into  my head. So I'm reprinting the Traveler's Notebook (TN) size she provided and if I get nothing else accomplished for me today, it will be my TN.

Later in the week I'll show you what my Camp Reset packing essentials include then try to give you a overview of my week on Fridays. I really want to get back in the swing of things around here. 

The girls are only here for another seven weeks. In the grand scheme of things that might seem like plenty of time but having learned my lesson four years ago, I know there's no promise of when I'll see them again so I'm devoting about 98% of my time to them. They both love to be in the kitchen so we try to have a kitchen day every week. Friday didn't turn out well as I lacked ingredients on hand. That has been remedied and we're good to go!

Speaking of, I have about 30 min left of quiet time to get some things done for me.

Oh!  Remember to watch America's Got Talent tomorrow night to see if The Baker Family gets their audition aired! Your support is very much appreciated.

However you plan to spend your week, Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, July 3, 2017

WEIGH IN - 7-3-17


Whooo Hoooo... I lost that sneaky little pound!

Don't ask me how. I've not changed how I eat, I'm really not any more active than normal - even with the girls here. The weather has either been too wet or too hot to be outside much. 

The days are heating up as they begin to shorten towards fall. I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing.

This week is pretty normal. We had our 4th of July yesterday. Subway sandwiches (of which I only ate 1/2 of a 6") and fireworks that were pretty awesome for a town of less than 500 people!

The highlight of the day was seeing friends of ours perform.  The Baker Family Bluegrass. We've known these kids since the multi-award winning fiddle champion, Trustin was 5. He is now 18. Does not seem possible. The vocalist, Carina, turns 16 on Wednesday. They are super talented all the way around. They will be on America's Got Talent either tomorrow night or next Tuesday. That whole confidentiality thing, they can't tell us much but I'm watching and I'll be voting when the time comes because I KNOW in my heart they'll be in the live rounds. If not, someone really needs to clean their ears!

Please watch AGT on Tuesday nights and give this family your support. This is a big thing for a family from small town Birch Tree MO (650 people) and they've earned every accolade they receive!