Monday, July 31, 2017

WEIGH IN 7-31-17

185/ 171 /135

Good morning!

Okay, I'm not upset about the gain. I'm thinking instead that the 169 last week was a result of the mild food poisoning I received while on vacation. And like all of my other levels, I seem to find a number and sit there for a bit or waver back and forth within a 2 pound range. 

I wasn't as active last week other than around the house stuff as I tried to get some semblance of order to this disaster of a house. Slow but steady progress is made. 

This week, I'm introducing the kids to Wii Sports. They've been playing games on the Wii the past couple of weeks getting used to the controller. Though Abby, the youngest, has much more fun creating Mii's. But that's okay. She's learning to manipulate the controller and getting the hand/ eye coordination to a comfortable position for her. 

Cooler temperatures have moved into the Ozarks! I am so ready for fall but I also know we are a long ways off. I really want to get the Butterfly garden in this week while it's cool enough to work outside. Plants can only stay in their pots so long. And as fall approaches, I might have time to get my sweet potato vines and geraniums into pots. I'm thinking of terra cotta and putting them in the studio for the winter. Keeping the cats out will be a challenge or at least only when I can keep an eye on them. I've never wintered over geraniums before so we'll have to see. 

Okay.. my plan for the week. More fruit. I did pretty good last week, just need to keep it up. I've opted for grapefruit sections and fruit cups whenever possible with each meal or snack. 

On the Wii this week. Not sure my knees are up to it but at least if I use the mats, the step won't be too jarring for my knees. I am on the hunt for another Gazelle or Cloudwalker. The treadmill is going on local FB sale sites in a couple of months. While I love walking, the treadmill is too much impact on my knees and takes up way too much room in my small living room. Where was the beast when I had an 11-room Victorian with a huge parlor?

Off I go. Whatever you choose to do this week, Enjoy the Journey!

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