Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Musings

And blessed Halloween.

Hard to believe we are at the end of another month. October was such a busy time for me, I can understand how it seemed to fly by.

After only two days home from Eureka Springs, I headed to Nashville (Okay, Antioch but close enough) for the birth of my second granddaughter. Abigail Jasmine made her appearance on Oct. 13th. She is such a beautiful baby and so alert. And man can that girl eat!

I walked nearly every day while I was there. Adrian would get on her big wheel and we'd travel around the complex area. She kept grandma on the go for seven fun-filled days. Can't wait till I see her again for her 4th birthday in a couple weeks.

My weight is bobbling in around 177. Main Street Grocery is starting another 7-week round of The Biggest Loser on Friday the 4th. I'm really going to push hard. Since I'll be sitting a lot for National Novel Writing Month, it's even more important that I MAKE time to work out. I'm going to start the Slim in 6 work out video next week. This week it's just stretching and dancing. My goal is to drop at least 6 pounds this time. That's less than 1 pound per week and one I could be happy with right here going into the holidays.

How is your weight loss going? Or is it? Stop and tell us how you're doing and let's cheer one another on!

Enjoy the journey!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Musings

I got in late last night from the Ozark Creative Writers conference. I couldn't resist spending time in Eureka Springs. After checking out of the hotel at 11, I walked up to the Crescent Hotel (yes the same hotel seen on Ghost Hunters with the TAPS team) and back. I took time to chat with a realtor, shower Repo the little bull dog with some love and interview a B & B owner. Yep, always working the writing angle.

Then I drove through the historic district, parking on the far end of Main street in free parking (most lots run $5 for the day - and are jam packed on the weekend). I walked back up through town, again stopping to visit with locals enjoying the day on their porch, shop owners I know and lunch at my favorite spot, The Rowdy Beaver. I wish I'd thought to take a picture of my lunch so you could see what a bad girl I was. But in my defense I only get to the Rowdy Beaver once or twice a year and I didn't eat the french fries. When you go to the homepage, you'll see a counter on the left side of the picture of the den's interior. This is a great place to sit and people watch while you enjoy your meal. Though I did spend part of my time checking out the flat screen for the Bronco game :-)

I got on the scales this morning at 179... neither up nor down a pound. I'm seeing the loss more in my face and in my thighs (all that walking).

How are you doing on your journey?
Living the journey

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Morning Walk

I love my wooded acreage in southcentral MO. But I truly get a feeling of 'coming home' every time I step foot in Eureka Springs Arkansas. This quaint Victorian tourist town is a true haven for artists and people who just want to live life at a slower pace. You won't find a Walmart or other chain stores here. There is a Dollar General for the little things and a McDonalds. In the sixteen years I've been coming down here, I've never been to McD's and have only been in the $General once (hey, when you're dressing up- hose are important)

I spend every 2nd weekend of October here as part of the Ozark Creative Writers conference. I always make time to get downtown and browse the shops and chat with the locals. Since starting this new journey, I decided I'd do something a little different this year. So at 6:30 a.m. I was dressed and started out to enjoy a good walk along the Historic Loop - 3.3 miles. Mind you... Eureka Springs is called a 'stair step town' for a reason. There is almost no flat walking anywhere. Regardless of which end of the trail you choose to start at, you're going down hill one way and coming back up the other... and up is STEEP and at the end of the hike.

But the exercise felt great! I enjoyed stopping to pet dogs, admire cats and chat with other early morning risers. I spotted a couple pieces of property I'd love to have... someday. I was gone 1.5 hours. I'm looking forward to it again tomorrow, but I'm only planning to walk half the treck so I don't have the steep hill at the end.

Are you walking?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Musings

Happy Monday!

This week's beginning weight - 179

Before I go any further I can tell you the BL loser officially lost 9 pounds and walked away with $150. Boy, that would have been nice traveling money next weekend. Oh well. They're already talking about doing another one in November. This time we will know who the participants are and how everyone is doing. That should add to the motivation.

Saturday I went to a pow wow in Hardy AR. I hadn't been to an event in years and knew I'd have a good time. I needed a relax/ all-about-me kind of day. I walked a lot, danced some and found a hand drum. A bit smaller than the one I've been wanting but this truly was a case of 'size doesn't matter'. It has a beautiful, deep sound and I love it.

When I got dressed Saturday, I got into a size 14 jeans! Comfortably!! Yeah, it was a great way to start the day.

Yesterday, I tried a new dish. I love watching Tyler's Ultimate on the Cooking Channel. A couple of weeks ago he featured the POTATO. He made an Irish staple called Colcannon, which is mashed potatoes, cabbage and a meat. The other dish was a potato pancake. After experiencing both of these dishes, Tyler came back to the states and made a Potato Gratin. I knew I wanted to try my own version.

So last night I did a small version in a 6x6 casserole dish with only 1 bottom layer and 1 top layer of potatoes. In the middle I had fried smoked bacon, cabbage sauteed in the bacon drippings and slices of baby portabella mushrooms (they have become my favorite additive to just about anything). I'd make a horrible Italian as I don't care for Parmesan cheese. Instead, I used a grated colby/jack blend. I really think I could have done without the cheese - and the extra oil it provided.

I ate 1/4th of the casserole with a 3 oz Venison butterflied tenderloin. Very earthy meal. I'm thinking in the future I don't even need a meat with the gratin.

Not sure where my appetite is taking me today but I know I will remain on course.

Enjoy the journey!