Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Musings

I got in late last night from the Ozark Creative Writers conference. I couldn't resist spending time in Eureka Springs. After checking out of the hotel at 11, I walked up to the Crescent Hotel (yes the same hotel seen on Ghost Hunters with the TAPS team) and back. I took time to chat with a realtor, shower Repo the little bull dog with some love and interview a B & B owner. Yep, always working the writing angle.

Then I drove through the historic district, parking on the far end of Main street in free parking (most lots run $5 for the day - and are jam packed on the weekend). I walked back up through town, again stopping to visit with locals enjoying the day on their porch, shop owners I know and lunch at my favorite spot, The Rowdy Beaver. I wish I'd thought to take a picture of my lunch so you could see what a bad girl I was. But in my defense I only get to the Rowdy Beaver once or twice a year and I didn't eat the french fries. When you go to the homepage, you'll see a counter on the left side of the picture of the den's interior. This is a great place to sit and people watch while you enjoy your meal. Though I did spend part of my time checking out the flat screen for the Bronco game :-)

I got on the scales this morning at 179... neither up nor down a pound. I'm seeing the loss more in my face and in my thighs (all that walking).

How are you doing on your journey?
Living the journey

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