Friday, February 20, 2015


I finally have the blog board set up and beginning regular postings again. This has just been a crazy year already.

First on my list is to let you know that doing without my fluffy coffee during the week made absolutely no difference. Not an ounce.  So I am back to one cup each morning during the week and two per day on the weekend.

While on a pre-Valentine trip to Springfield a couple of weeks ago, Bob and I found a bread bowl pan at Marshall's. The pan makes 4 bread bowls.

The only thing I've tried so far is Chicken Pot Pie in a biscuit bowl. However, it took 4 biscuits to make the bowl... that's 400 Calories!!!  So yeah, won't be doing that again LOL  I made the pot pie filling from scratch using:

2 cups of frozen mixed vegies
6 low carb yellow potatoes (there is 100 calories in 4 potatoes)
4 Baby bella mushrooms
milk/ flour thickening

I did not eat all of my bread bowl but the filling was good. I ate a bowl of just filling for lunch the next day.

We want to try other things with this bowl pan. Bob has his eye on a brownie bowl with vanilla ice cream. But, I'm thinking these are a treat - only thing.

So... plans for the weekend.
Bob is home so I am cooking for 2 every day. I'm thinking he needs a pot roast on Sunday. Saturday will be chicken something or other and Friday will be fish. We are not Catholic and don't observe Lent but that's just how the 'menu' fell this week.

I'm hoping by next week to have a regular meal plan. The freelance writing as well as novel writing is kicking in to high gear so if I can have a menu plan, things will flow much smoother.

I've also been having some knee issues so no exercising yet. However, I did lose 2 pounds total on Bob and I's last challenge - winning the Rebate Certificate to Menards, which will buy the new stereo system for the studio. yay!!!!

Tell me about your journey. Let's take this hike together.

Blessings on your journey!