Monday, April 4, 2011

A Good Week

It's been a quiet and productive week here. I managed to lose the 2 pounds I gained while Adrian was here. With Bob being gone, I cook better for myself. I think also because when I'm home alone, I don't eat out as often as we seem to do when he's home. It seems like no matter how much we pledge to eat at home more, we still seem to be on the go go go.

I've done some labor around the property. It took me 2 days to get all the laundry caught up and I still have 1 load of sheets to do. But we got rain today so no hanging anything out. I try not to use my dryer for both energy efficiency and I wear and tear on the fabrics. Besides, nothing says a good night's sleep like snuggling down into sun-dried sheets.

I bought 9 fruit trees this week. If I treat them right, eventually I'll have fresh peaches, apples and cherries from my trees. You can't beat fresh fruit right - not drenched in preservatives or pesticides but fresh off the tree and rinsed in clear spring water from the well.

I had hoped to start getting them planted but I can't mow the orchard because the mower refused to start. I'll fiddle with it on Thursday when it's nice and see if it will cooperate with me. Otherwise I'll be getting LOTS of exercise mowing this 1+ acre of property with the push mower.

One thing I've been trying to remember to do is include fresh fruit with at least 2 meals and a vegetable with 2. It's helping to give me that 'full' but not 'bloated' feeling and prevents me from going back for seconds on things I don't need extra helpings of. I also bought 10" paper plates to use while Bob is gone. Remember, we talked about what the eye sees in a earlier post. Besides, paper plates means I'm spending less time washing dishes and more time writing and creating.

Enjoy the journey!

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