Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Year - A New Start!

I can’t believe I haven’t been in here since May of last year.

The blog title says Living Through Weightloss… Maybe it should have been Losing Weight Through Life.

The day of my last post I had a leg/ hip issue materialize, making walking on the tread mill impossible. Without the treadmill activity to report, I just stopped coming here until it had passed.

About the time it healed, I found out I only had a month left with my granddaughter before she would be moving out to live with her mom in Nashville. Rather than worry about me, I spent my days soaking up all the toddler love I could cram into a few short weeks.

The day she left, we tore into my office remodel. Four days later I blew my left knee cap and spent the next six weeks in the recliner. By the time it was on the mend, it was fall, time to harvest the garden, try to catch up on the things that had been let go while I had my grandtoddler all to myself and writers conferences to attend. Follow that all up with National Novel Writing Month then Christmas.
Before I knew it, the time had just vanished… and I had nothing weight-related to show for it. Not unless you count the fact I didn’t lose, nor gain, a single pound. I held fast at 181 pounds.

With the start of a new year, I feel as if my life has started fresh. I’ve had the house to myself and finding the routine I was comfortable with before my daughter and granddaughter moved in all those months ago. I’m injury free and ready to get back on track.

My internet use is on my time again so my postings will be regular. I’ll be trying new routines and as the weather improves, walking outside as well as using the treadmill again.

Please come back on this journey with me. I’ve lived through the distractions, now it’s time to Live Through the Weightloss!