Monday, June 1, 2015

FEELING BETTER - Fast Metabolism

While I have come to passionately dislike the word 'diet', Haylie Pomroy turns the spelling into an acronym - Did I Eat Today.  Because as we all know, feeding our metabolism will allow our body to stay fueled.. and burning calories. 

I've also learned something else I've heard over and over... Dairy and Processed foods are not good for us! And you know what.... by eliminating as many of those foods from my eating plan as possible, I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

The overall plan is broken down into 3 Phases per week.. repeated for 21 days. 
Phase 1 (2 days) - Vegies, Starches, Fruits, lean Proteins - No Fats
Phase 2 (2 days) -Vegies, Meats. - NO Fats, Grains, or Vegi Proteins
Phase 3 (3 days) - Lean Protein, Vegi Protein, Healthy Fats, Fruits, as well as most of Phase 1 & 2.

Meal/ Snack/ Meal/ Snack/ Meal and Drink a min. of 64 oz of water 

With the exception of a couple of days while in Dallas, I've not had any milk other than Rice Milk in over a month. I'm reminding myself to eat fruits and vegies. The things I would normally eat a lot of, I now count as a treat. 

I've also been more conscious of gluten.

While I'm not losing a bunch of weight, I do feel so much better. Did I say that? LOL
And best of all, I'm back to not needing a nap every day by 3 p.m. - which really disappoints one of my cats. She got quite use to mom napping every day.  

I had discovered this some time back during the Liquid Detox my daughter recommended. I attribute the energy to more healthy foods - particularly fruit. I'm eating more fruit.

The only thing I really miss is cheese so that has become one of my treats. 

I'm still trying to organize pictures so will have more in the coming weeks. I'm also planning an entire week of family meals (there will be as many as 6 of us for 4 days) and want to stick to 'our' foods as much as possible.  I say 'our' because hubby did very well on this the first 21 days. He slid while I was in Texas and is now back to eating his way. We are on another weight loss challenge so we'll see how he does this trip out.

I have noticed that his schedule makes staying on program difficult. He said yesterday the company is bringing in a nutritionist and they were asked to suggest topics of discussion during her visit. I suggested tips for 'eating every 3 hours' and the 'not eating before bed' thing when their schedule makes following those 2 'golden rules' almost impossible. I am curious to what she has to share and will keep you posted. 

Enjoy the Journey!

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