Thursday, September 29, 2011

BL Final update

This is my final post on the BL challenge - well, except to tell you whether or not I'm $130 richer. hehe But I'm kind of doubting it. I do know of 2 people who've gained over the past 8 weeks. With my ups and downs, I'm offically 3.2 pounds less. But the clothes fit different. I have one pair of 16 jeans I can not keep up. They fit like my 18 petites.

Win or lose, I'm not changing how I eat. I still don't want processed foods. I'm still trying to find tasty ways to incorporate more fresh foods and I'm still not adding sugar to foods like tea and coffee.

As soon as my daughter presents me with a new granddaughter and I can get back to a regular routine, I hope to be showcasing more of the recipes I'm trying and comfort foods I'm modifying. Face it, with winter coming on, who can pass up comfort foods.

As always...
Enjoy the journey!

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