Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekly Check-In

Happy Monday everyone!

Last week was a learning process. Here's what I learned:

1) As much as I love Pepsi, it is not worth the discomfort it causes.
     Apparently, it makes my eczema flare up

2) Counting calories is UBER important.

3) No matter how much work I THINK I have, I MUST make time to exercise.

So where does that put me for this week? NO MORE PEPSI. I don't drink it often, but when you get a taste for something and that's the only thing that will make it go away... Well. It's a mind set I'm going to have to reprogram.  Because of my history with PCOS (for which I refuse to take medication), I am prone to excema. It's not fun and cortizone cream has become my friend when it's really bad. But Pepsi makes it 10% worse to the point I'd give almost anything to make the itching stop. Well, I guess that 'anything' is Pepsi. Wish me luck!

I've must pay more attention to the calories and not what I think the portions are or over-eating what I think is okay foods. Must be diligent. Bob comes home on Wednesday so it will be easier because we make a good 'checks and balance' team.

Lastly, I must get back on the Wii. I had planned to last week but an old knee injury flared up, making it difficult to get up and down the stairs so I didn't figure dancing and step aerobics were going to be good for it. I'm better this week. While shopping on Saturday I picked up Country Dance 1 for the Wii. There are a lot of good tunes on there and my favorite part of the Wii is the step aerobics. So Get Up And Dance!

I am hoping to still work on some recipes this week and begin posting them on Wednesdays as well.

Whatever you're doing, LISTEN TO YOUR body. It will tell you what it does and does NOT need. Then follow it's direction.

Enjoy the Journey!

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