Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Okay... yeah, I know. It's not 'tomorrow'. When Bob is home I just don't have concept of time anymore. But I'm striving to work on that. He left yesterday and I have three weeks to set my 'working' routine.

But today, I want to talk about a new workout routine that seems to be working for me. And it's FUN!

In 2011 Bob and I purchased the Wii system. We are not big gamers but thought something like this might get us off the couch more. You get more exercise playing Tiger Woods on Wii than you do on Play station. I wanted the Wii Fit to go with it. Several of the ladies on my paper crafting group have one and love it.

I love  the Wii. Since the first of December I've been trying to work out every day. When Bob isn't home, it's easy. So far I've gotten up to a 90 minute workout.

I start by warming up... basic stretches on my own.
Then I do what amounts to 20 minutes of warm-up on the Balance Games. I do five rotations each:
Soccer Practice (using your head to hit the balls coming at you)
Slalom Skiing
Ski Jump
River Bubble ( you are in this bubble of water going down a winding stream - try to get to the end without popping your bubble on the rocks - or getting it popped by bumble bees)

From there I move to the Aerobics games. Don't let the word GAME fool you. You will get a workout if you do enough repetitions. Again, I do five of each.

Beginner Step Aerobics
Punching Bag
Advanced Step Aerobics

Then I begin a cool down to fill out the 90 minutes:
Beginner Step Aerobics

I'm going to finish out this week on this pace. Next week I'll add in either the running or the bicycling. I played with it Monday and really liked it. Because either of those are an impact sport, I'll do them in the evening when I can pull out the exercise (shock absorbing) mats.

I want to work up to a good two solid hours in the morning, the running or cycling in the evening for at least one hour. Then the weekends, I'll play Wii Sports for FUN.

What do you do for exercise? Whatever you choose...

Enjoy the Journey!

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