Tuesday, January 22, 2013


... or two.

When I pulled the dress I had in mind from the closet, I realized I have two.

Long Sleeves
First off, they both are the same shade of black. I took them on the same door in the same light so not sure why the long sleeved one looks washed-out. It really is a very pretty dress. I purchased both of these from Undercover Wear Lingerie and Daywear when I was a representative several years ago. I really miss buying clothes from them. They hold up extremely well.

Either of these dresses would look nice with a string of pearls. The perfect little black dress for any occasion. However, I am concerned about two things.

1) Will they be long enough? Although current etiquette no longer requires a full-length gown, it is suggested the dress fall below the knee. I don't think either of these do.

2) Right now, they are snug fitting. When I drop the weight, will they hang on me? I mean, seriously, if I find curves again don't I want to show them off a little? What's the point of losing weight (from a vanity standpoint) if I'm going to wear something that fits like a gunny sack?

So for now, I'll keep thinking Little Black Dress and keep working out... which I'll talk about tomorrow. I'm making progress on that front and can't wait to share with you.

Enjoy the Journey!

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