Monday, May 6, 2013


Okay ... I love the rain. I know we need it and I'm hoping the moisture continues after the garden starts coming up... you know, when we really need it LOL  But as long as it's raining, I don't plug in the internet or the computers. Which puts my blogging behind farther than I'd like to be.  I've been off-line the past 3 days and it looks as if about Wednesday we should have another 5-day run. So I'm cramming to try and write posts and pre-schedule them as best I can.

So let's talk about today. I've had a craving for fried bologna on toast. Haven't had bologna in years (though Bob swears my el' cheapo hot dogs are just bologna rolled up). Last week it really sounded good. So I pulled the partial loaf of whole grain bread from the freezer and crossed my fingers that one a day wasn't going to pack the pounds on.

Whew!  I'm down 2 pounds at 184.

I have added in a few carbs, such as white rice with my stir-fry... but in 1/2 C servings to accompany an entire wok full of vegies. I have been taking pictures of everything I cook lately and just resized a bunch of the photos this morning so they're ready to plug into Wed. blog posts.

Over all I feel pretty good. I want to start exercising again tomorrow. After being off-line since last Wednesday, I was too far behind on here to even think about it today. Since I'll be tweeting The Voice as part of my day job for the next 3 nights I can't even hop on the treadmill while I watch TV. But I'm making time tomorrow. I'm in that place where I feel my body is completely healed and 'm ready to get back to moving around.

Here's to a week of Getting Moving... and another pound off.

Live the Journey!

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