Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This week we come to the final Chakra... the 7th Chakra.

This is our Crown Chakra - our ENERGY CENTER - at the skull.
Representing Spiritual Enlightenment and union with all living things. The Energy Center is associated with the colors of white and violet.

Signs of this chakra being blocked may include depression, lack of sense of spirituality or even swinging the pendulum the other direction - to a fascination with religion or occults - as we search for balance. We may feel a disconnect with life's flow. If you are an emotional eater you may see significant weight gain as you choose the comfort of food, isolating yourself from family and friends. We become loners because we feel we have nothing to offer.

With a balanced 7th Chakra you should experience a stronger connection to the universe. You are able to create and live the life you desire.

As I work out my shopping list for this week, these are things I need to include for a healthy, balanced 7th Chakra:

Fruits & Vegetables with white pigmented and/ or skins.

(I'll pass on those last two... just can't bring myself to eat these!)

I had already planned on a couple of healthy snack cookie and muffin recipes for this weekend... including Morning Glory Muffins which contain bananas, zuchini and carrots.

Beginning next week we'll get back to our Exercise Tuesday posts as we discuss the different exercises best for the Chakras and sharing recipes on Wednesday that coordinate.

Here's to balanced chakras and a healthy journey!

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