Monday, April 29, 2013


I've determined I really like bell peppers... in any color. While grocery shopping last week I picked up three bell peppers - 1 red, 1 yellow and 1 green. As I cut into them the other night for a Teriyaki Stirfry (coming up in a couple of weeks) I discovered the green bell pepper was perfectly shaped for a stuffed pepper. I've not had stuffed peppers in a very long time. So I used half of each of the red and yellow pepper for the stirfry and put the remainder in a zip bag with the seeded green bell.

Last night I made the stuffed bell pepper - chock full of diced red and yellow bell peppers, a 1/2 C of cooked white rice and a 1/2 C of browned ground sirloin. (More about the sirloin thing next week)

This was dinner last night...

I'll share the recipe with you on Wednesday.

In the mean time, I realize though I'm still high Protein/ low Carb I'm also automatically incorporating fruits and vegies into my daily eating regime. Something I've had to focus on in the past is now coming naturally to me. 

And I'm still...

Enjoying the Journey

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