Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I know I missed posting last week. First day home with hubby after my trip and still so much to do on the house before rains moved in later in the week. I just did not get on line much at all.

So this week we pick up with the Sixth Chakra - The Third Eye. This chakra is associated with both physical vision and mental clarity. We receive inner guidance and use this to tune into our inherent wisdom. The Third Eye is also associated with my favorite color - Purple or Indigo. Purple has always been my 'power' color though it isn't one I wear often. Odd.

An unbalance in the Third Eye Chakra may affect memory, unexplained phobias or decision-making. Chronic headaches, vision problems and obsessive or compulsive thinking. Emotional eating and weight gain can cloud this Third Eye center, preventing us from seeing ourselves as we really are. Correcting the balance in the Sixth Chakra will help strengthen intuitive powers and trust in inner wisdom.

Foods that will aid in bringing the Sixth Chakra back into focus include :
Black Currants
Plums (fresh or dried)
Purple Peppers
Red Cabbage
Red Grapes

Next week we'll discuss the basics for the Seventh Chakra.
Until then.... Enjoy the Journey

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