Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Today I begin working on the Third Chakra... the Solar Plexus Chakra.

This chakra is associated with identity and self-esteem. The energy radiating from the third chakra controls motivation, ambition and power, with a physical location near the lower ribs and the color YELLOW

Okay, anyone who knows me knows this is probably my strongest Chakra. Very seldom do I have a day where I am not aware of where I need to be, how I need to get there and what I hope to achieve. My sister has even accused me of being arrogant.

But I think it all stems back to something my (step) mom said to me when I was about 14. She told me unlike my (step) sister, whom had some learning disabilities, I had the ability to achieve anything I wanted. How empowering a small phrase can be. Mom was my champion against my dad whenever I wanted to do something or be part of whatever was going on in school. She also taught me everything I know about cooking cleaning, gardening and caring for a home. Even now, as I approach an upcoming 9-day travel without my husband, I am making sure there is food in the freezer, the things he likes to eat are in the pantry and his clothes are clean. Yes, he's capable of taking care of those things... and does very well. But it's just part of that upbringing I can't let go of. A sort of 1950s mentality on what it means to be a wife.

My third chakra directs my daily routine in how I conduct business, follow through on things I start and network with people.

So although I have a well-balanced Solar Plexus, I will still look at what they suggest I do to stay the course.
Fruits and vegetables that contain YELLOW pigments are high on the list. So my shopping yesterday included:
Water Chestnuts

When I researched yesterday, an article on About.com also suggested whole grains. Well, we know THAT is not going to happen. But I could do with a hearty bowl of oatmeal today.

So here's to a Bright, Shiny Week of Yellow Foods of motivation!
Enjoy the Journey!

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