Wednesday, October 16, 2013



For the most part I do like exercise. I'm active, despite my day job as a writer which requires a lot of sit-down time.

My Challenge: Things keep getting in the way whenever I plan to start a regimen.
This last time, I had repositioned the treadmill so I could plug it in and have it facing the TV. Three days later everything from my bedroom had to come into the living room/ dining room for a total 'rip the carpet up' remodel thanks to fleas. Ugh! I can't get anywhere near the treadmill.

I could go walking but I know my knees are not ready for the incline on my road yet. Driving into town to use one of the tracks is an option but it seems once I leave the house my day is shot. I really prefer to stay home.

Then there's my Wii. I LOVE my Wii for workouts. If there wasn't a King sized sleigh bed in the middle of the living room, I'd be good to go.

So for now I'm doing some yard work, moving furniture in spurts (as the remodel dictates) and doing stretches in the middle of the kitchen.

I just know the tummy has to go! What is your Tried and True Tummy Toner?

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