Monday, October 28, 2013

WEEKLY PLAN - October 28

Hard to believe we are heavy into fall. Last week I moved my tomato plants into the greenhouse and they froze anyway! Well, in their defense, the temperature did get down to 24 degrees. I was so looking forward to babying those fruits at least into Thanksgiving. Oh well. Hopefully next year I can better plan for the cold snaps.

Our local town held their Fall Festival last weekend. I avoided the funnel cakes, deep fried oreos. I did have 1 soda. At a benefit later I had 2 hot dogs. 1 with and 1 without bun, a small bowl of chili and a bottled water.

My plan for this week is to just stay on track and to remember to take my vitamins. I've not done well on that lately. I just get busy in the morning with work and don't think about them. Time to reprogram my brain.

I am also going to start stretching. I found a heavy quilt I can use as a floor mat until I can reach the yoga mat stuffed to the back of everything in the living room. Only another week without a bedroom. Then I can have my living room back with full access to the treadmill and the Wii.

Bob will be home Wednesday night and we'll finish the bedroom remodel. I'll be planning meals for 2 so I'll eat more vegetables. I hate to open a can of green beans because I find it hard to eat 1/2 of the can today then reheat the other 1/2 later. Buying the single serves is too expensive. Cooking for 1 is easy in some ways and more difficult in others.

What will you do this week?


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