Monday, January 6, 2014

WEEKLY PLAN - Week 1 - Starting from Scratch

A new year, a new plan, a new way of thinking. Sounds good.

And I'm off to a good start. By making sure I include fruit and/ or vegetable into every meal I am down one pound from last Tuesday. Bringing my current weight to 184.

As you'll see on the side bar, I am dropping to only three days a week here. Since I don't have a lot of comments back I'm going with my Monday - Weekly Plan, Friday - Week in Review and then Wednesday will be a recipe share.

I'm getting a lot of what read like really good recipes off Pinterest. So I'm going to start getting them off my Foodies Board and on a plate.I had multiple ideas but every one called for onion. Wouldn't you know, I used my last onion yesterday and like everyone else, we're under a deep freeze and I'm not planning on venturing out at least until the weekend.

So for this week, I'm going the crock pot route:
I think I have just enough tortellini in the freezer to do this recipe in half. If not, I guess Wednesday will be a surprise.

Enjoy the Journey!

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