Monday, January 20, 2014


Well, the 2 pounds I gained while Bob was gone have disappeared. Yay! Of course that means unless something magical happens by the time he gets home on Wednesday, I'll be the same weight he was when I left. Man! Aside from wanting to be down 2 or 3 pounds, I really could use the extra $50 for my trip to Texas I'd win if I lost more weight than he has the past 3 weeks.

Good news is I have a fresh stock of vegies and of fruit. I seemed to do better when I was eating more of those. So Salad for lunch it is. Though I might have to add a bit of chicken salad with craisins and some fresh pineapple chunks for good measure :-)

As I said, Bob comes home Wednesday. I will continue to push fruit or vegies at every meal. I also want to get us back in the habit of having fish in some form two times per week. I have lobster tails in the freezer (that counts, right) as well as Tilapia. Albacore Tuna in the cabinet. I wanted to add some shrimp but shrimp has gone up almost $2 per bag and they are high in calories so will hold off on those for a week or so.

Fruits and Vegies here I come!


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