Monday, April 7, 2014

WEEKLY PLAN - New Plan - New Week Track

Happy Monday!

Although I knew I would be starting back on the Wii this week, NOTHING motivates you more to shed a few pounds than the possibility of being on television. I had already been on the Wii for my 20 minutes when I checked my music business email. One particular email caught my attention and although I can't give any details until I know more, let me just say that I do NOT want to find out the hard way what they say about the 'camera adds 10 pounds'. 

Because I leave for Texas in a couple of weeks I have set my first goal on this new round of the Wii for 6 pounds in 2 weeks. I'll be sharing these screen shots with you at each 2 -week bench mark. 

Since I've not been on the Wii since pulling the muscles in my shoulders and collar bone last fall, I wanted to take it easy. I did a total of 20 minutes. I started by warming up on the Wii Fit by doing the soccer practice for two rounds. Then I did the down-hill skiing for two rounds to warm up my legs. From there I moved to my favorite exercise on WiiFit... the step aerobics. I did two rounds each of basic and advanced. I probably should have finished with 2 rounds of basic as a cool-down but I was 20 minutes on the mark so stopped for today. There is always tomorrow.

I also need to weigh on our bathroom scales. There is a difference between the scales and the Wii board. Bob and I will be using the bathroom scales for our challenges. So my signature line will reflect the bathroom scales - not the Wii board weight.

However you choose to travel... enjoy the journey!

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