Friday, March 21, 2014


I think if I pay closer attention to this post on Fridays, my weekends might be less of a wash. Though I have decided I'm allowing myself one day a week to enjoy food. I don't over-eat but sometimes it's nice to enjoy the foods you love without thinking about how many calories something contains. This is where 'comfort foods' come in.

This morning I'm headed for Linden Texas. About five and a half hours as the crow flies. I'll be traveling through areas I've not passed through before so I don't really know what my food options are. One thing I do know - my nose has radar when it comes to locating a Chinese buffet. If I'm lucky I'll find one of those for lunch and have a nice Mongolian stir-fry. If not, I have coupons for Ruby Tuesday and they have a new chicken tender salad that looks yummy.

As I said in my Tuesday post, I'll be packing things like my morning glory muffins and plenty of bottled water. I'm sure there is a grocery store somewhere nearby that I can purchase Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine meals for the microwave. Friday night I'd like to scope out the area and see what is available for local food options.

Saturday is all about prepping for the Texas Music Awards, which I'll be covering via Twitter. I'll also be conducting interviews with some of the artists and lots of networking with industry professionals. What that leaves me for food time, I'm not sure. Since I don't know what Linden has to offer, I will just have to wait and see.

Sunday I'll be back on the road headed home. I hope to do some shopping somewhere and eat what will probably be my first decent meal of the weekend then arriving home late.

If I can wake up at a decent hour on Monday, I'll let you know how things go.
Enjoy the Journey!

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