Tuesday, March 18, 2014

WEEKLY PLAN - Week 9 & 10

Okay... so these two weeks haven't been perfect.
Bob and I made a weekend trip to Springfield, which usually involves food. While it is possible to eat out and stay on target, sometimes you just choose not to. I'm not saying we went overboard - okay one night. And by myself I could have done without but sharing dessert was better than the alternative other than just not ordering one at all.

We ate at Red Robin. I have fallen in love with this place. They have THE BEST burgers. Their Campire sauce is amazing. I'm allergic to Heinz Ketchup - which sadly is what most restaurants offer and why I don't eat a lot of fries. But this Campfire sauce is a blend of Ranch and Catalina dressing. Yum!

Then this dessert - the Mountain High Mud Pie-  is the cherry on top.

Bob saw one delivered to a neighboring table and decided we needed to share one. I'm not big on ice cream - I've determined this is a 'guy' thing. But the oreo cookie crust and the caramel sauce was reason enough for me to help him eat this cold and creamy mound of calories. 

Thanks to their handy dandy Customizeable menu & nutrition calculator I know the Whiskey River Burger came in at 1408 calories while the killer dessert rounded out at 1372.  I did eat a few fries, though I'm not a fry person either. I eat maybe 5 or 6 then I'm done. But their sauce is what makes them the best. There are 

With their customizeable menu calculator you can find out what your items total based on whether you add or leave something off. 

Over the course of days of eating out I only gained 1 pound so wasn't too upset. Bob and I only do this kind of thing once a month - sometimes only once very 2 months. The rest of the time we eat at home and keep each other on task.

This next week will be interesting. I'm on the road to Linden Texas where I'm covering the Texas Music Awards. I love my job! I will be trying to curb spending as much as possible. Since I will have a microwave in the hotel room I plan to stick to my Lean Cuisine meals whenever possible. I have Morning Glory muffins (Recipe coming tomorrow) as well as my coffee and plenty of bottled water. Though I will have to try some local foods. I hope to do lots of walking so that will help.We'll see what happens. 

Enjoy the Journey

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