Monday, February 8, 2016

THE WEEK AHEAD - February 9

What a game yesterday! If you are a Carolina Panther's fan, I am truly sorry. The best team won. Could I say that if I were not a Bronco fan? Yes. I believe in good sportsmanship and as a Bronco fan I am always embarrassed at the way Aqib Talib behaves. He is constantly getting called for 'unnecessary roughness'. Usually, after a play is made. I swear this man is lookin' for a fight and someday, someone is going to answer the call. Does he not understand that our youth are watching these games and learning by example? 

Okay, my rant about yesterday's game out of the way I have two more comments to make... Pictures are worth a thousand words...

Whatever Peyton Manning's decision, I am proud that he has been a part of the Denver Broncos. Today, in his honor, I ordered one of these...

And this is where the whole 'weight loss' part comes in. Because I could not try the shirt on, I ordered a men's XXL. Traditionally, I only wear a ladies 1X but no two manufacturers seem to size the same. Do I want to wear a XXL? NO! But then I do not want to wear a 1X in ladies either. 

With diet issues discovered last year, I'm making some adjustments. Adjustments are not easy. And with finances changing within the house, those adjustments will be tested. So I hope, in the coming weeks to show comparisons in being able to eat healthy without spending a small fortune. It's a fact that American's spend way too  much money on food anyway - and a lot of what we purchase is tossed in the garbage. 

In the words of Earl Pitts... Wake Up America! 

I was going to get on the Wii this morning and start that process over. Somewhere between drinking my morning coffee and waiting for Bob to check in, I lost all momentum to do anything. I even took a nap. Not that I was tired, just putting my head on a pillow seemed like a good idea at the time. I know I will pay for that choice tomorrow. We always pay for the choices we make.

Time to make better choices.. and 
Enjoy the Journey!

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