Monday, February 22, 2016

THE WEEK AHEAD- Learning Curve


Another Challenge period has come and gone with the hubby. While he did not lose/ gain any weight during his three weeks out, I managed to lose 3 pounds - winning the $100. The last I may see for awhile as there is a job shift in our future. A shift that I was sure would have him stress eating during his time on the boat. I was very proud of him for not gaining.

And that 3 pounds I lost?  Back on within 2 days of him being home. I have discovered the secret...

Stop eating out! (This said as we have to do that again today)

However, I do need to clarify. When we eat out, we usually bring half of our meal home. I can appease myself of the price if I know I'm getting two meals off my plate rather than one. The other thing is that restaurant portions are much larger than they need to be. You can order smaller portions... like a 7 oz sirloin as opposed to the 16 oz T-bone.. but even that 7 oz is almost double what a traditional protein portion should be.

When hubby is on the boat, I hardly leave the house. I eat on my schedule and the foods I like... some of which he does not.

So, while that 181 looked really good - the 184 I showed on the scales this morning, not so much. The yoyo is back. But now that I know what the issue is, I hope to change things

The other thing is I've gotten the living room back in order so I can use the treadmill again. I'm giving the treadmill a test run to see how my knees fair. If that becomes an issue I will concede and sell the machine. The other thing is we finally have room downstairs to set up the Total Gym, so that is an option.

What does your week look like?
Remember, what ever you choose....

Enjoy the Journey!

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