Monday, March 14, 2016

THE WEEK AHEAD - Picking Up Where I Left Off


Sorry I missed the past couple of weeks. I just do not spend much time on here when Bob is home. Then the final weekend he was home, I caught his headcold. So when I would have been back in here catching up, I was stuffed under the covers with cold meds trying to shake the stuff before a big travel weekend and concert that had been planned since November!  All came out good and I'm back to work.

My sister and I try to do a 'sister weekend' at least once a year. Sometimes we get in 2. And we always eat at Red Lobster. It's just a given.

Last weekend we spent a couple of days in Paducah KY. I took her to see the Celtic Woman performance. Red Lobster before the performance, iHop (which I rarely eat) Saturday for breakfast. I ate part of a short stack plus sausage patties and smoked sausage links. Then Chinese on the home. Sikeston China Buffet is the only place around here I can get Peanut Butter Chicken.

All in all - I only gained a pound. I'm not thrilled I went up a pound, but I am not disappointed either. I could have gained a lot more.

In January I bought a Rebounder /w bar at Play It Again Sports. I have yet to really try it out. I ordered a work out video today. The reviews were from older people - my age and up and most of those having had recent knee surgery or have bad knees. I'm looking forward to trying the Rebounder program out.

I also broke down and bought an arm band for my cell phone. I have to keep my cell phone within range of my Traxx step tracker. So we shall see if this thing will work for me. I've had the arm band on and the feeling of having it on my upper arm is going to take some getting used to.

Bob is gone for another 1.5 weeks. I'm in protein/ vegi mode and trying to get back into the Metabolism Phase again.

Enjoy the Journey!

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