Monday, March 21, 2016



Sorry I'm slow in getting here today. I'm a bit distracted by this little girl:

She showed up in my yard yesterday. Does not appear to be a dump but more a little girl who's lost her way. She is about a year old and I believe coming into heat for the first time. This is a cropped picture of her saying hello to my Great Pyrenees in the kennel. Bear thinks she's something special. So I've had to find a creative way to keep her contained outside while I hope someone will see her on my husband's FB page. 

I think she is a beagle/ spaniel mix. Well trained and clean. she sits on command, broke to a leash and loves to play fetch. Someone is missing this little girl. 


So, Bob has been gone a week and I'm eating things I like and my way. lots of vegies. Need to work on the fruits this week. 

I also got my video for the rebounder. Was suppose to check it out today but with the distraction, I'm lucky to be getting work done. Puppies are just too much fun. LOL. 

I did get on the scales this morning at 182.. up a pound from 2 days ago so not sure what happened. Probably not drinking enough. Will work on that for this week, as well

I have proteins, vegies, fruits. I would really like to drop 3 pounds by the time Bob comes home on the 30th. That would put me at 179. I think from there, with my new motivation, the yoyo might actually stop.

I do have some recipes I've been trying. Even have pictures. Just haven't been getting them posted. That is my goal for tomorrow.

What are you plans for this week?  Whatever they may be....

Enjoy the Journey!

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