Monday, March 28, 2016



UPDATE: I am up 2 pounds from last week and 3 from 3 days ago! Seriously?

I'm writing this on Sunday night in an attempt to get my blogs up and running on time this week. Bob comes home Wednesday and life gets crazy. I will come back in tomorrow morning and update my totals.  I'm hoping I've lost enough to secure another $100 from Bob and I's challenge.  I have been eating more vegetables, more salads. Trying to up the fruit. I bought a cantaloupe yesterday. Just have to get it peeled and ate. Some days the simplest tasks are the greatest challenge.

I meant to get back to routine last week. the puppy has been keeping me busy.  All attempts to find him a home are failing. I have him posted on Missouri Paws Lost & Found as well as our nearest no-kill shelter. For now, he is happy being here. Go figure!

Meet 'Honey'. Well kind of. I was sure he was a HE. But then he got in the pen with my male Great Pyrenees and Bear was all over him. So I thought, okay, I missed something and he is a SHE.. nope. Honey is definitely a HE. What that says about my Great Pyrenees makes me laugh.

So instead of all the things I wanted to do last week, I was spending more time on FB than I've been in the whole past 12 months!  I'm still convinced he needs to go. I do not want chained to the house by another inside dog. Honey is definitely an inside dog. Loves the recliner, is house trained/ leash trained/ kennel trained and is good with cats. He even uses the litter box if he can not get outside.  I think the deciding factor is going to be when Bob comes home on Wed. night. Bob is a softie LOL. 

So my week ahead is to keep up with the vegies, add more fruits and hopefully get some garden time. If the weather would just warm up!

Whatever your week ahead...
Enjoy the Journey!

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