Tuesday, April 5, 2016

THE WEEK AHEAD - brief hiatus

Good morning!

Sorry I wasn't here yesterday (Monday) I was running out of internet gig with my provider.. had to wait for the cycle to roll over this morning.

This week, I am off completely. My husband leaves on the 12th for 28 days. There is a lot of things we need to get done before he heads out. The ups side is that I will be getting in LOTS of steps and exercise.

First things first:

I am at 184...   So no weight loss for me. 185/184/135

I did spend 4 days in Eureka Springs AR. over the weekend. Eating at Myrtie May's restaurant 3 meals a day. The up side to that is they have an amazing salad bar. Though I did have to have a piece of Possum Pie on Saturday night (Chocolate decadence) So considering I did not GAIN is enough for me.  I also walked quite a bit on an uphill terrain.

Now to the change for this week.  I had posts planned and have to put them on hold. Bob leaves on Monday night for 28 DAYS! This is only a bit longer than the 21 we are use to. But when he does come home, he'll only be home 14 before the process starts all over again.

For this first trip, there are several things I need his help with before he leaves. So my internet time will be almost non-existent as we get the greenhouse ready for plants, my water tank hosed up so I can begin draining that (making room for water for spring rains) and getting my straw bales in place so I can get the direct-seeding done.

Next week I will introduce you to a new StepCounter I have found and LOVE! The best one I've purchased to date.

I also have pictures in the file to rejuvenate the Recipe Wednesday as well as new recipes to share.

Thank you for your patience. I hope you'll get out and enjoy the weather - whatever you are experience...

And Enjoy the Journey!

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