Monday, October 24, 2016

WEEKLY PLAN - October 24 - 30


Between four days of meals at conference - mostly protein - followed by traveling with Bob the following week, weight has gone up four pounds. I'm  not worried. I can get to my tread mill, body seems to want to work right and Bob will be going out again soon.

I do have an event on Wednesday night  but other than that this week is all about eating at home! yay!
I'm also going to be doing some things around the house.

Bob put a snap on my Copper step band. The little notch/ holes that had just were not secure and hard to connect. Now I can wear my step band with confidence so may encourage me to wear the band more.

I need to go put ribs in the oven then head out to the garden shed. That building is in serious need of clean out. I know of at least 2 snakes and a lizard taking up residence in there. Out they go!

Whatever your week has in store - 
Enjoy the Journey!

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