Monday, November 7, 2016

WEEKLY PLAN - November 7 - 13


Did the time change mess with you? I was perplexed for only a bit.. the fact that I was up an hour earlier yesterday was fine with me. I was well-rested but got an extra hour of my 'quiet time' in. 

Going into Week 2 of National Novel Writing Month is progressing well. The meals I've been showcasing, along with servings of Stouffers lasagna and Chef Boyardee mini raviolis are keeping me fed and busy. That combined with not eating out all the time has shown on the scales. I've determined that what you it isn't near as important as where you eat. 

Busy is a good word. Between having the construction team coming in next week for jobs both inside and out and fall finally having arrived I have plenty of household items to keep me moving. By the time I do all the household/ yard tasks I barely have energy or time left to make myself work on the manuscript but deadline looms. Thankfully, while I'm busy my mind is also whirling with things I need to change or incorporate. 

Brief posts for awhile.  What is keeping you busy? I'd love to hear.

Enjoy the Journey!

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