Wednesday, November 2, 2016

RECIPE WEDNESDAY - Brisket anyone?

As I said on Monday, I did a major grocery haul last weekend. National Novel Writing Month is in full swing. I wanted to cook in bulk or in the crock pot so I could have quick meals on hand throughout the month. I have a manuscript due to my publisher December 1-ish.

One of the items was a #15 beef brisket. At first glance, the price tag of $36 might seem steep but when you look at how many meals #15 pounds of meat will cover, that $2.40 a pound is a lot cheaper than a steak or even a decent roast in today's market and more tender.

I cut the brisket into three sections then trimmed the bulk of the fat/ hide away. I simmered the trimmings with six cups of water and two healthy Tablespoons of beef bouillon paste. When the fatty pieces were limp and soggy, I fished them out of the pan and allowed the broth to cool.

Next I poured the broth into my mini loaf pans about half full, then added back in pieces of the fat then put the pan in the freezer. When they've frozen, I'll pop them out and into ziploc bags. These will make nice additions to the dog food this winter to warm their insides against the cold.

The pieces of brisket became four separate recipes.

Cuts 1 & 2:
     The first one, I coated with BBQ rub and placed in a roaster pan on a rack. I added a brick of frozen apple cider for flavor and moisture. I covered the pan and put it in the oven at 250* for about 6 hours. This sliced up nice and will make for quick nibbles.

This was the final result:

28 slices of tender perfection. I could cut it with a fork and almost melted in my mouth.

The other cut I froze for a future BBQ or Hot Beef sandwich meal. I have a construction crew coming Thanksgiving week to redo the ceiling in my dining room, add an overhang and deck out my back door and build a rotating can storage in the basement. I always feed my work crew... and they look forward to the meals.  I'm thinking either hot roast beef sandwiches or BBQ brisket with home made Mac n Cheese should make them happy.

Cut 3:
This one I cut into about 1.5" chunks then divided the mass in half.

I cooked the first half up right away for a modified version of a recipe I found on Pinterest. Theirs called for Tri Tip and Gravy over Mashed Potatoes. Brisket is super tender and no one seems to have a tri tip at a reasonable price so this is what I went with.

I will show you that recipe next week.

I froze the other half of the chunks to repeat the recipe later in the month when Bob comes home.  All of these will serve a family of four easily. That comes out to be about $3.75 PER PERSON - PER MEAL!

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