Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Everyone gets their inspiration for things from different sources. The same applies to our push to finally shed the pounds.

Aside from the fact I know that it is the healthy thing to do. I want to be around a long time to enjoy my two young granddaughters. Adrian will turn four in a few days and Abigail was born on October 13th. By the grace of the God and Goddess, they have a long life ahead of them and I want to be around to enjoy every step of the way.

As I've talked about in an earlier post, there's a bit of vanity involved. Whether she'll admit it or not, there is a part of every woman that wants to know she can still catch a guy's attention. Happily married to my best friend of 28 years, I still wouldn't mind a honk, wolf whistle or 'decent' comment when I walk buy.

While enjoying an Artists Day in Paducah KY last month, I started my day with an early morning walk through the art district, just enjoying the quiet of the morning and getting a plan of what I wanted to see once stores and galleries opened up. As I walked down Artists Alley, I walked by a guy sitting on a bench reading the morning paper and enjoying a cup of coffee. Nearly half a block past him, I heard a comment float on the crisp air behind me... 'nice butt'. I turned to see who had spoken. We were the only two on the street. He raised his cup of coffee in a salute and smiled. I returned the smile then continued on my way. I spent the rest of the day with a lighter step and a new confidence. I knew my battle with weight loss was starting to pay off. Let me tell you, nothing can motivate you more than a POSITIVE comment.

With the Main Street Grocery Biggest Loser, the cash prize doesn't hurt the motivation either. I mean, seriously, who can't use a little extra cash right now?

Then there's Jay Wornick. Jay began losing weight on a New Years Resolution bet from his wife January 2011. As you'll see in the story, he's lost almost 200 pounds in 10 months. The prize was the loser would have the winner's name tatooted on their stomach. Okay, not exactly my inspiration but as I said, everyone has something different that motivates them.

So my question for today... What will motivate you to finally make the move to be a healthier you?

Whatever it is, remember to...
Enjoy the Journey!

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