Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 1 begins!

I weighed in last Friday to begin the next seven weeks of our local BL group. So far there are only eight of us participating... half of what we had last time. I don't know if the prospect of trying to lose weight right here at the holidays is scaring them off or not. I figure if I can lose some weight, I have a bit of wiggle room to enjoy samplings of favorites I only get this time of year without doing too much damage.

This time I'm going to give both weights... the official and (home). So here we go.

Starting: 184.6 (180)

I'm also starting Slim in 6 tomorrow. I'd intended to start today but I've had to be away from the house most of the day and no time to finish clearing the living room to give me space. I'm hoping to at least use the bedroom floor for pilate stretches tonight.

Enjoying the Journey!

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