Sunday, February 24, 2013

WEEKLY PLAN - Feb. 25th

Happy Monday!
Okay, it's Sunday night and I'm watching the Oscars. I have my favorites amongst the nominees this year. But primarily I watch it for the Red Carpet. I have a 2-book series I've been working on and the heroine in book 1 is one of the Top Five Fashion Designers in the world. One of the scenes takes place at the Oscars. Watching the show makes research at least relaxing.

In case you are wondering, Bob lost 6 pounds on our 3-week challenge and won the $50. I'll have to hit him up for it again when he goes back out. If nothing else, it keeps him on track during a time when eating is determined by his work schedule.

I managed to hang on to a 1-pound loss. I did determine I believe part of my loss was fluid in the tissues in the muscles in my back. Some of the swelling has gone down and I look forward to another massage by Amy Cecil. She was amazing! Although I still needed the occasional muscle relaxer as well as the combination of heat/ cold, I've been able to still work around the house. I even got back on the Wii Saturday. I only worked out for one hour and avoided the boxing for now. But it was nice to get back to my work out.

This week, my plan is to just focus on working out  without pushing the limit. Bob and I are also counting the calories carefully, keeping each other honest.

And with a tooth finally gone, I'm back to enjoying salads with spring greens, cucumbers, grape tomatoes and baby portabella mushrooms. My dressing of choice. EVOO and Red Wine Vinegar.

Speaking of Red Wine, a sweet red wine by Bella Bello has become my nightcap of choice... and yes, I'm counting the calories. Bob has his scoop of ice cream, I have my glass of wine.

Here's to a successful week as the Journey continues....

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