Monday, September 22, 2014

WEEKLY PLAN - September 22 - 28th

I love Fall. I also love the foods of fall.. you know, Turkey, stuffing, pecan pie, LOL But one of the things I love most about fall is that the weather is finally at a comfortable temperature to get outside and do something.

Bob and I have been hard at work around the property trimming back trees - he cuts I haul. I also need to dig a trench to move my day lillies into and start thinking about stocking up firewood for winter heat. The point - I get more exercise in the fall. Shame I can't have those temps year round.

I'm not really focusing on anything in particular where the weightloss is concerned right now. Too much going on here on the homestead. We have a major change coming in the next couple of weeks. I can't say anything right now except that the change will hopefully help my blogging/ writing organization a lot!

One of the last times I posted I talked about how the detox was helping my energy level. Well, that is all it helped. I lost 1 pound the entire week! Seriously?

For the remainder of the year I'm focusing on more home prepared meals with portion control in mind and less eating out. You know, where all the chemicals and bodily fluids have been added to what may have once been the idea of a healthy meal. We are eating bread again, but I'm making the bread from scratch. I miss bread sometimes and food in general is not bad for us. What is bad is all the crap that gets added before making the journey to our table.

Next month we are going to purchase a Food Saver system. I'm looking forward to buying lettuce and storing a weeks worth in glass jars in the fridge. Maybe I'll get to eat more salads. Living in the country as we do, lettuce in the off season for growing isn't an option. The stuff purchased at the local market has been on a truck so long, I'm lucky if a head lasts 2 days in my fridge. Just not worth the expense. With the food saver, I can vacuum seal the cut up romaine in pint jars for a whole week. Even if I don't use the lettuce in salad but say on tacos or something else, I can keep the produce longer. So that's my goal.


  1. Good luck with your plan - what beautiful pumpkins

    k x

    1. HI Karen. Thanks for popping in. That is a morgue file pic. Just search Autumn. Will get by your blogs more often. Blessings!