Monday, June 27, 2016



Happy Monday, everyone!

I'm slowly getting back into the work flow. I'm still trying to get stuff put away in the new studio/ office. The challenge being is that I am severely OCD. I can't just put stuff anywhere - or in any fashion. I am getting there little by little.

I am also still dealing with the tendonitis in the right arm. While some days are almost completely normal, there are still some days I know not to over-tax the muscles and join.

I had gained a pound over the past week but not sure how. However, when I got on the scales this morning, the gained pound had disappeared. So while there is no lower number this week, I'm not still up. ::: thumbs up :::

I hope to bring you my first stop on the Appalachian Trail (Walking 4 Fun) on Friday. While I've been diligent about putting my numbers in my little notebook each evening, I've not updated my trail steps on the site.

FUN FACT!: Did you know you can gain steps riding the lawn mower? I racked over 5k in steps during my one hour of mowing last week. Hmm I don't think I can legitimately count those though.

I am pledging today to get on the treadmill every day. While I'm not striving to break records, I do want to work up to a minimum of 3 miles per day by the time I attend the writers conference in Eureka Springs the second weekend in Oct.

So as soon as these blog posts are up, I'm headed for the treadmill.

Whatever your plans for this week...

Enjoy the Journey!

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