Friday, July 1, 2016


19 mile mark

This is a sample of what I might have passed had I been literally walking the trail. I have hiked 21 miles thus far. This sight is very similar to my backyard. The walk is uneven and would be slow going. the advantage to the virtual walk is no danger of ticks (which are really thick this year) or snakes, such as copperheads, blending in with the debris of the forest floor. 

I did not walk as much this week as I'd planned. I spent the storm-free days trying to get as much done on the computer as possible. Dry days, my sinus' gave me hardship as the storm front moved in. Then there were the storms themselves.

I hope to be more focused about being on the treadmill this week. 

Unlike most of you, I will not be tempted by the backyard BBQ and all the food associated with the 4th of July weekend. Bob is on the boat and I will spend the 4th inside watching the fireworks from New York. There may be BBQ wings or a pulled pork salad in there somewhere. 

However you celebrate this weekend, remember that YOU are in CONTROL. Enjoy the foods and beverages you enjoy in moderation. Enjoy your family, friends and the taste of the food. Listen to your body and stop when tummy tells you enough. And if you do over-indulge, DO NOT beat yourself over the pleasure. Accept the move for what it was and start fresh on Tuesday.  But most important of all....

Enjoy the Journey!

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