Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekly Plan 7/4/16


Happy Independence Day!

Do you take a 'Free Day'? A day when you allow yourself to indulge in foods you try to avoid the rest of the time?

This subject was brought to the table on a recent episode of Good Morning America. The general consensus was... MODERATION!

When we do the extreme diets... plans that have us eliminating foods we love, we find ourselves 'falling off the wagon' then beating ourselves up over the experience. What follows is the 'oh well, I've already failed' attitude then going back into old habits.

Pledge to be independent from the myths, fads and diets.

Enjoy the foods you enjoy - in MODERATION!
Remember the food pyramid or the color wheel.
Eat proteins, carbs, fruits and vegies.
Go light on the sugar-loaded condiments and enjoy the TRUE flavor the foods have to offer

However you play today...

Enjoy the Journey!

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