Monday, July 25, 2016

WEEKLY PLAN - 7/25/16


I was 183 last week as well but storms prevented me from coming in and updating. Bob has been home since Wednesday so I was thrilled to not see a gain to the scales this week.

Going to be a crazy week. With the exception of today, I am traveling pretty much every day through Sunday. That means eating out. The other thing is, I have a few weeks yet before I get my dentures. My mouth is in an almost permanent state of discomfort in some form. So I'm not eating the roughage, like salads, that I so enjoy. There've been a couple of days where mashed potatoes were heaven-sent as far as comfortable eating goes.

I get the impressions done on Tuesday. I'm not sure how tender my mouth will be after that. Since several teeth are lose, messing with them in any form causes them to argue back. 

Since I leave tomorrow for the dental appointment, I'm not planning on dirty dishes so pizza on paper plates is what's for supper. I can only eat one fourth of a large DiGiorno. Normally, I'd eat an eighth and some salad but yeah.. not going to happen 

Bob goes back to work on the 2nd so I will have about a week of eating 'my way' before I get my teeth pulled. I'm pretty sure that normal eating is going to take some time while the gums heal. So until that happens, I'm doing the best I can and look forward to eating real foods again.

So this week... paying attention to what I order and doing the best I can as my mouth directs.

I should get a lot of walking in, as well. I didn't do much at all last week. For several days my right leg joint did not want to work. Just moving from place to place around the house required making sure there was something to hold on to. Then the past week, no issues! 

So here's the only thing I've done differently. I've not taken the Glucosamine since Bob got home. So I'm going to make sure I take my vitamins this week and see if the issue returns. I do know the glucosamine will raise my blood sugar levels (notice the first 6 letters LOL) and I really would prefer to not have the higher insulin levels. 

What's on your plan for the week?
Whatever you do, Enjoy the Journey!

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