Monday, August 1, 2016

WEEKLY PLAN - 8/01/16


I anticipated the numbers going back up after being away from home for three days. Worse than trying to stay on track with how I eat, my struggle is more with when I eat. 

Back in the day (yes, I went there), people ate at specific times of the day. Breakfast was usually before 8 a.m. whether the kids needed to be out the door for school, in front of the television for Saturday morning cartoons or dressed for church, breakfast usually occurred about the same time every day. Dinner (as opposed to lunch) was at noon. To top of the day, supper was on the table when your man walked in the door a few minutes past five. 

Now, most people start their day out at about the same time or earlier but the food choices are, more often than not, not as healthy. If we're part of the working class, lunch is still somewhere between eleven and noon. Then the food plan goes down hill from there. Very few of us have a set dinner time where we sit down with the family to hear about each other's day. We are usually eating much later, the food choices not the best and much larger. 

Like so many other aspects of our life, if people went back to 'the good ole days', I think we would be a much healthier society.. and probably more happy with ourselves. 

I think this is why I am more successful with my weight loss when Bob is gone. I have a schedule and I eat smaller, healthier portions. While I do try to keep a schedule, my hardest challenge is getting involved in a project later in the day and forgetting to eat that middle-of the-day 'dinner'.  But I am getting better.

For the next week, think about how you eat, when you eat, and what you are eating. Are there changes you could be making to your journey more successful?

Enjoy the journey!

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