Monday, August 22, 2016

WEEKLY PLAN - 8/22/16


So, I'm up a pound this week. I'm not worried though. I've added a bit of food into my diet over the past week. Solid food. But I held off on exercising. 

The teeth are doing well. The gums are healing. Last week I got the soft-liner for my temporary dentures and was able to finally use adhesive to secure them in place. Without any adhesive, the plates could bob around whenever I worked my jar. Chewing was impossible.

Saturday, I used polygrip for the first time and went to my favorite Chinese buffet for lunch. Teriyaki chicken was too dense. The gums are still tender and while the plates stayed in place, they still rubbed when I chewed.  I was able to eat the thinner sliced pieces of chicken and beef in their respective broccoli dishes. I also ate shrimp and imitation crab from the Happy Family. I tried biting into a crab rangoon. The filling was super soft and warm... squirting everywhere. LOL

I have two weeks to toughen up the gums so that I can enjoy dinner out with Bob. Our 32nd wedding anniversary is on Wednesday. Bob is on the boat until the 30th so we won't be celebrating until he comes home. Two weeks and counting.

This week is all about learning to chew again and getting on the treadmill.
What's your plan for the week?
Whatever you have in mind, enjoy the journey!

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