Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekly Plan 8-29-16


And another pound up. Not sure how since I'm not eating a lot. Other than what I am eating is pasta and potatoes. I'm still on the journey to find an adhesive that will last more than a four or five hours (if I'm lucky) and not allow the bottom plate to pop loose as soon as I start chewing. I'm sure this will improve once the gums are done shrinking and I have the permanent set.

On the up side, I am eating a lot of fish. Tilapia is a healthy protein I can eat without my teeth. I am also eating oatmeal every morning, drinking almost nothing but water. Though yesterday, after my bottom plate had prevented me from enjoying more than my fish and mashed potatoes at Ruby Tuesday, I splurged on a small cola (mostly ice). Soda will eat away at the adhesive so I figured since the adhesive wasn't working anyway I may as well enjoy a soda. As soon as I got home and the groceries unloaded I cleaned the dentures and called it a day.

I've also drank only 1 small Starbucks bottle of coffee in three weeks, and no tea at all. They just don't have a taste. I'm guessing because some of our taste buds are in the roof of our mouth and that is blocked by the upper plate. 

We still do not have central AC in the house and won't have until Bob gets home Wednesday night. I just can't see paying for a service call (though Woolsey Heating and Air are very reasonable) if it's something Bob can fix - or at lElgin Heating and Cooling) and installing this system, I have confidence he can  at least determine what's going on.  In the mean time, I'm getting stuff done in the studio. Some of the organization is hindered by the fact the sofa bed is pulled out. That's where the cats and I sleep since this room does have it's own AC unit. 

So my plan for this week is to keep doing what I'm doing, hoping the heat will break soon and that Bob gets the AC fixed ( you know, just in time to not need it - however, the AC is also our central back-up heat for those early morning chills) so I can start exercising again. I am more than ready.

What's on your agenda for this week? I'd love to hear how you are mapping out your success.
Enjoy the Journey

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