Monday, August 15, 2016

WEEKLY PLAN - 8/15/16


Happy Monday!

I am at the 1.5 week mark with my new teeth. So far so good.

Aspen Dental is a fabulous team of professionals if you need work done. While that may vary from office to office, they do have a standard to uphold. The day I was in for the impressions, the regional manager was in checking things out.

I have not been in ANY pain. The first couple of days I took the pain meds on schedule in case things started to irritate too much as the swelling went down from the extractions. But I've not taken any since. Though I did take a sinus pill today. Steady rains are keeping the mold count up a bit high.

My biggest issue were the antibiotics. As they cleared out my system I was constantly nauseated. I spent a lot of time curled up in the recliner in front of the fan with an ice pack. Keeping cool seemed to help.

With the teeth out I have noticed too major health things and one oddity.  The psoriasis is completely gone. I have not itched once. I also have not been needing the Vicks to try and keep my nasal passages clear at night to sleep. Until you do something about your teeth, you do not realize the health issues they can create. Trust me... go see a dentist. Brush regularly. Get your teeth cleaned. If finances are an issue, most dental offices now offer finance plans to fit any budget. And there are low income programs as well. My big bear of a husband had his teeth cleaned the day I got my impressions. Because of pain issues the last time, he had not had his teeth cleaned in years. And I'm not sure if we were married. We've been together 32 years this month. If he can, anyone can.

The oddity is that I have an extreme sensitivity to smells. Pollution and exhaust fumes in Springfield the other day were really hard to handle. Who knew!

Okay.. I've not been eating a lot but I'm not starving either... but check out that number on the scales this week. 175! I've dropped ten pounds. Will be interesting to see how that works once I can chew food again. I'm not living on jello, pudding or meal supplements. Last night I had a large Tilapia filet and some Teriyaki Lo Mein. Granted the noodles were chopped up super fine but was good to actually fix a plate of food rather than a bowl of mashed potatoes. Oh yeah that's my other thing. I ate Garlic Mashed potatoes and Stout gravy from Applebees both days I was in town last week. 

My challenge has been that I'm not a big sweet eater until Christmas rolls around, then bring on the Christmas cookies :-D  I'm a savory, meat/ taters/ crunchy vegies kind of gal so this part has been tough. But cry me a river. Tonight I'm flaking up a couple of steamed lobster tails and having more of that Lo Mein. 

Due to the low calorie intake, I've not been walking for exercixe. So no tracking the steps for a few more weeks. 

My next appointment is a few days away. Until then, I'm trying to do little things around the house that don't tax the energy.

Whatever you choose to do this week...
Enjoy the journey!

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