Thursday, March 18, 2010

Week 2

It’s been one of those weeks. I’ve not eaten things I shouldn’t… I just haven’t eaten as much as I should nor as regular.

I started the week out with an upset tummy. I think it was just a 24-hour bug but I couldn’t bring myself to eat or drink anything except small amounts of Mt. Dew. It’s the only thing that settles my stomach. Mt. Dew today will usually show me 2 pounds heavier tomorrow. I was amazed to find out I’d not gained any weight afterwards.

The other thing that amazed me was how bad I wanted to eat salad. I was sure I’d be burned out by now but I still find myself figuring out a way to incorporate a salad or lettuce into at least one meal a day. It just wasn’t going to happen Sunday or Monday. The bug also dampened my spirits about getting on the treadmill.

I was back on track by Tuesday in time to wake up this morning with a nasty head cold. At least I feel like eating, but the sinus drainage irritates the throat. I’m trying not to breathe on the toddler too much but I think she’s feeling a bit of it herself. She’s still pretty run down after her travels to Nashville and New Hampshire last week. Maybe we’ll just spend this week catching up.

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  1. Keep on keepin' on--maintaining is better than gaining! =)

    I'm preparing for a visit from Aunt Flo, so I'm figuring out how to increase water intake & exercise this weekend/next week. My back feels almost up to hiking, so I might even try the easy course at Forest Park. Unless we get the freezing rain & snow they're predicting! If that's the case, I might throw in a couple of hills on my treadmill workout.

    Onward and forward, soldier!